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  • I’ve never used a charcoal BBQ!
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    Some good tips joe.

    Think B&Q sell a basic chimney starter for £2 so worth a look.

    Gas is great for convenience and if you’re having a BBQ where people arriving at different times. Easy to switch on and off.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities
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    Loads to look through – thanks for taking the time 🙂 And appreciate the gas v charcoal thing to at least consider – I get the convenience of gas, but it’s going to be an occasional treat rather than a regular cooking method. I’m a bit of a neanderthal anyhow and throwing in some smokey chip things to add to flavour has me sold.

    The chim’ is designed for cooking, and I love the woody smoke flavour, but it’s a bit of an ordeal and it flames up when fat drips off (although that could be user error) and it’s not portable in the slightest!

    Thanks again.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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