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  • Premier Icon white101

    I’ve never told the SO the real reason the lads like to go to Prague every couple of years for a weekend away “beers dead cheap, and its a nice place”…… 😉

    never did any homework at school
    never been to Africa, though I nearly got there in October last year
    never fulfilled my potential ( in almost everything )


    You know this is a classic student drinking game. Everytime someone stands up and says something they have never done you have to drink if you’ve done it.

    Anyway I’ve never been to a football match.
    I’ve never thown a sickie at work.


    I’ve never realised how proud people are of what they haven’t done.

    Jonesy 75

    i’ve never licked my elbow as its impossible.
    Go on give it a go you know you want to.


    I like your elbow. It’s your f*ckin’ knees I hate.

    Premier Icon eldridge

    I’ve never voted Tory

    And I’ve never voted for New Labour either

    I’ve never gone to one of those football matches where you have to pay to get it

    I’ve never bought drugs from a drug dealer

    I’ve never been to a “gig”

    I’ve never been to a “music festival”

    I’ve never shagged a woman and regretted it

    Premier Icon Northwind

    At 30, never driven or even got a driving licence, despite having ridden 50000 miles by motorbike including ****ing horrible scottish winters.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner


    ‘I’ve been to Halifax,
    But, I’ve never been to Leeds….’


    Never smoked or watched Titantic.

    I’ll probably watch it someday like those Disney movies and I get plenty of crap from exhaust fumes while riding.


    I’ve never shagged a woman and regretted it

    I wish I could say that. I’ve been with a few bunny boilers and no mistake. Loads of fun during for both of us (as far as I could tell), hell after. I’ve known plenty of blokes who could just shag and then ditch but I must be missing a gene or two because I always seemed to get mentally shafted afterwards. It’s like some girls see something and realise it’s open to abuse and hammer away.

    One lady in particular was heaven in bed, we spent many weeks enjoying that side of things (very naughty lady indeed) and then she just turned and started demanding all sorts of crazy commitments. Had to phone her at certain times, got interrogated about my day, she started following me, accusations, bonkers mood swings, turning up at my work place. She was nuts. After we’d split up she found some other bloke and made him threaten me but his heart really wasn’t in it. He turned up at my work and after a brief argument I dropped him and suggested he get away from her fast as he could, as far as I know he did. Never saw him or her again.


    If it’s not the sex it is the sex and when it’s the sex it’s not the sex…

    Just don’t pick up a lady at night club or mental home Samuri!

    Make sure you teach her from the start how to treat you and not abused.

    But the sex was good so not all lost there.

    I’ve never taken Paracetomal or any other over the counter pain pills

    Never been on a stag weekend
    never driven a motorbike (was alway pillion)
    never punched anyone
    never seen what the atraction of Big Brother is


    Never seen Jesus…..


    I have never tasted coffee.


    Never tasted Marmite and long may it be.

    Anna B

    Thanks to this thread I cycled round this afternoon singing Jaws was never my scene and I don’t like Starwars! But that’s OK cos I want to ride my bicycle….

    My answer is:
    worn heels


    could never get my head around sci-fi stuff. consequently i haven’t watched star wars or star trek or anything else with ‘star’ or ‘space’ in its name (at least not that i can think of).

    i like white101’s “never fulfilled my potential ( in almost everything )”. could use that one myself but not really one to be proud of…

    i’ve never really got my head around all the tenses in English despite the fact i teach it/them.

    never paid for sex. don’t intend to either.

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