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  • Killed 2 mice, maimed another !!
  • jekkyl

    So last week I saw a mouse… *dramatic pause*… here in my house, it scuttled out from under the dishwasher in the kitchen and run round the corner, I followed it and it ran into the living room, behind a sofa. I pulled all the furniture out but couldn’t find it. Thought I’ll get some traps in the next week sometime.

    Came home late from biking sunday night and heard a scuttling and scratching in one of our food cupboards so tentatively opened it and saw the mouse at the back!!! so carefully closed the door and put barricades up round the cupboard so if it tried to run back to the dishwasher it would be trapped and I could get it. It worked perfectly and I was able to trap it under a bowl. I put some cardboard under it and walked down the road to the cut and flipped the mouse out of the bowl into the field.

    Monday night, wife had gone to bed and I was looking at the tablet in the living room, no tele on and most of the lights were out. Heard the scratching again in the same cupboard, opened it to see a small whiskery face poking out from behind a packet of Salt n Vinegar hula hoops. Angry at the little flipper in my house eating my pasta and Hula Hoops I saw red and grabbed a big knife from the rack, pulled all the jars out of the cupboard leaving just a row of pop bottles at the back which the mouse was scurrying behind. I managed to stab the little bleeder and boy did it squeak. I withdrew the knife and brought it down between 2 bottles completely severing it’s tail!!! I had cut off it’s tail with a carving knife, there was a some blood and a tail…. have you ever seen such a thing in your life? It escaped though so there is probably a mouse corpse without a tail somewhere under my kitchen units.

    I emailed the wife at work and asked her to completely clean that cupboard, checking all packets for nibble marks and so on and anti bac all the sides and all the packets. I was on a late that day and I did the bottom half and asked her to do the top. That lunchtime I got some traps but I got a hysteric phone call at work that she was cleaning the tins and jars and a mouse had ‘jumped out at her’ lol. She’s quite tough my wife and wasn’t particularly phased we had rodents up until this point.

    I got home to find her cowering upstairs and wouldn’t come down. I opened the cupboard and there it was, bold as brass sitting at the front of the cupboard looking at me. I grabbed a knife and tried to get it, pulled all the stuff out again and it got behind the bottles just like last time. I managed to stab it but instead of withdrawing the knife to have another go I kept it there and dragged it out to the floor, got another knife and gave it a firm press just behind it’s head whereupon it stopped struggling and squeaking. Death to the Mouse!

    I put the traps down in the cuboard last night, baited with peanut butter and came down to another dead mouse in one of the traps, Much Success!
    So that’s where we are now, we’ll keep putting the traps down and cleaning the cupboards until there are no more little poos and smell of mouse urine. I haven’t been able to find where they got in yet so will have a better look when I’m not at work. Not really asking for advice coz there’s loads on the internet but feel free if you like or flame away because I inhumanely killed some mice who could bring disease into my house and eat my hula hoops without my permission.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    forget humane traps, kill them with poison, they love it (the poison, not being killed of course). Get the sort that makes them really thirsty first, then they leave to croak.

    we tried the humane traps before giving up and going for poison. They loved the poison so much, they actually ate into the box and tucked in !

    Ho hum

    I have caught 4 so far this winter out in my integral garage.

    The previous winter I caught 18 of them!


    Am I alone in being amusedat the thought of hunting mice with a knife?

    (I mean, the little blighters have got to go, of course – but with a knife? Was the lumphammer out of reach? πŸ™‚ )


    problem with poison is they might scamper off and die somewhere you can’t get at them. Proper old fashioned trap like in Tom and Jerry cartoons. Or get a cat.

    We left a bag of sheep pellets in the greenhouse which is full of my stuff to sort out. Every box is now full of millions of mouse poos so I left the door ajar and sent the cat in to sort them out. Within 2 days there were half a dozen dead mice outside the door and it’s going up daily and I suspect there are lot more corpses we’ve not spotted yet. He’s a very efficient mouse killer, record is 2 minutes from being let into a room. He beat that one to death with his paw which was odd.


    sounds very obvious, but get a cat. our cat used to leave a mouse a night on the patio, much better return than you’d get. plus, if theres a cat prowling about the place, the mice are more likely to steer clear


    I grabbed a knife and tried to get it

    This is exactly the kind of knife crime I worry about.
    Forget NEDS in dark alleys ,you sir ,are a natural born killer.

    BTW,you did find where they were getting in to the house,didn’t you?

    Prepare for ..Mouse wars πŸ™‚


    you stabbed two mice? 😯

    they’re just little animals, get some humane traps ffs

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    +1 for a cat, it’s not a man’s job this one

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Prepare for ..Mouse wars

    The cute ones tend to carry automatic weapons so be careful handling them;

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    proper Tom and jerry traps FTW.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    OP πŸ˜€


    the problem with poison is that its not a problem – the poison first thins their blood – then dries them out so theres nothing left to rot and smell. assuming your using rodine.

    worked fine here.

    We also havea couple back snap traps in place all year round – is it not a bit early for the mice ? we usually get them about march/april
    my neighbours have success with ultrasonic and electrical circuit sounders repelling them.

    i put stainless steel perf plate offcuts i got from work on the inside of my vents – that seems to have stopped the bleeders last year

    humane traps sound nice – but unless your taking the mice 10 miles away they will get back inyour house – after all they know where the hole is….. but if you do take them 10 miles away they will likely die anyway.

    seal holes – trap – poison in that order is my preferance.


    We didn’t use poison as we have owls in the area. Wooden traps worked well, had to put them down for 2-3 weeks to get the last of them. They breed like crazy so if they’ve been there for 2 weeks you’ve probably got a nest somewhere. Just keep at it.

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    Quentin Tarantino will be directing the cinematic version of the OPs tale.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    If you’re chasing them in the house, use the hose attachment of a hoover. I’ve caught a few that way. Have it on as you’re clearing out the cupboard and hey presto, the rodent disappears on it’s last ever amusement park ride, the Hoover of Death.


    Premier Icon steveoath

    seal holes – trap – poison in that order is my preferance.

    Please don’t! If you seal the holes before you have put poison down and cleared out the fatalities the little barstewards will find another way in. If you can locate the entry point the best thing to do is get a professional in with some contact poison that they will come into contact with on their fur and take it into there “den”. Other traps can be put down but getting the poison into where they may be breeding is vital.


    We had a rat in the kitchen garden a few years ago .
    It tried for permanent residence under one of the sheds,so I bought this ( The Big Cheese )

    I was more scared of setting it up than I was of the rat.
    I am sure that it could remove fingers 😯



    Another good reason for a knife to add to the list

    Premier Icon kimbers

    in my old flat one night I was doing some bike fettling in the back room when a mouse scurried accross the floor and was heading for the kitchen

    with my ninja reflexes I was able to lob whatever I have in my hand at it and killed the blighter- snuffed out by a park allen key set!


    Basically what Trail Rat said.

    I have a good friend who owns a pest control business, anti coagulant poison is the most effective tool in conjunction with preventing more of the little blighters getting in (they breed like crazy and have a very short gestation cycle). Bear in mind that if you can slip a biro under a gap at the base of a door a mouse can enter (fit a brush strip), airbricks (cover in fine grade mesh), around pipes entering the building (wire wool in gaps is a good bet as mice don’t like chewing it).


    You sir are a mouse murderer…… 😈
    Personally I would get the council to put poison down.


    in trying to figure out how they got in, why dont you catch a live one, tie some string to its tail and release it to see where the trail leads to? πŸ˜†

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