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    You don’t need a new tube, I fit new tyres using the same split tube


    going to get some bits together soon. I think our club is going to have a tubeless evening. Our weekly night ride clocked up about 20 punctures last time (there were over 20) because of hedge trimming.

    What rims?

    I was going to use gravity pros so probably pretty much the same there.

    so poured 50ml into the track pump

    Blimey, the jra bottle has a slim nozzle so I just removed the valve core and squeezed it in.

    Run at 30psi for best results.


    of course it does


    There’s a 50ml applicator bottle which is what ‘es talking about

    Jonb.- MAvic Crossland .
    Actually a UST rim, but I own about 5 sets of non UST tyres So I thought i would give Ghetto a go first.

    I was also going to try a Gravity ,as I have a pair of these too, but they are not the Protection version. They clog a little quicker IME , but hold a good line when cranked over and are good on roots .

    Having picked up a set of MAvic Crosslands from the classifieds with UST rimstrips I had a go at a ‘Ghetto’conversion.
    I read the linky posted on here last week to a nerdy blog site , and basically followed his directions.
    Went to 2 LBS’s , in both I had to explain what going ‘ghetto’ involved. So armed with a Schwalbe 20 x 1.5 Presta (removable core) tube , a bottle of Just riding along wheel milk and a roll of insulation tape I had a crack at it.
    stripped and cleaned the rim , and re-inforced the existing tape with anotgher layer of insulation tape, pumped up the tube, slipped it over the rim, screwed down the locknut , centralised it on the rim , and cut along the seam.
    Next folded it over the rim and wiped out all the chalk. Cleaned and maticuously checked the tyres for thorns. I have a set of Conti Vert Pro’s in 2.3 and like the way they roll etc. Wiped the bead with WUL and carefully fitted them over the tube/ rim combo. Was expecting more agro due to the incremental increase in diameter , but once I figured to pinch the tube against the rim they popped over surprising easily.
    A few quick blasts with the track pump et voila, inflated tyre. a single 1cm cut was hissing so I deflated the tyre and stuck a patch over the split from the inside. Waited 20 mins then re-inflated and checked for leaks, none apparent so deflated again and tried to get the wheel milk in. Couldnt find an easy way , so poured 50ml into the track pump, and blasted it in that way. Then cut away the ‘tongue’ of protuding inner tube.
    Went for a ride , they seem firmer for the same pressure I run them at 35 psi, quicker to spin up when compared to slimed tubes with about 50 – 60 ml of slime in them.
    No loss of pressure overnight, just need to go for a longer ride where they have been hedge cutting.
    Being a tard I fitted the front tyre backwards so might need to rotate it at some point, but I guess that involves a new tube. Quietly impressed so far.

    Reckon they might need 5 – 10 psi less for added traction , small bump etc

    I’ve got some brand new 819s sitting in the bike room, still haven’t got round to building them up as my ghetto 717s have been so good!

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