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  • Haze

    My pub bike is fixed, thinking of taking it out properly soon.

    Best get some clips and a brake on it 8)

    Premier Icon Sideways Tim

    Surly do a Fixed/disc hub that isn’t bonkers money.

    Fixed off road, actually, fixed full stop, is just plain silly though 🙂


    Ooh tah Tim. i thought they would do one but last time I looked it wasn’t listed.
    Theoretically the Pauls won’t be that much more money. Well until the import duty and VAT or whatever is added.
    Certainly a lot cheaper than Phil Wood that used to be the only real choice.

    We’ll see how much I can raise from selling odd bits.


    “there are chaps that ride a fixie mtb in the peakdistrict”

    There was a guy on a snowy/icy STW ride round the jacobs ladder loop, not pansying out on the ladder either:

    Seems thats a bit fuzzier than is ideal
    Rigid fork and 26″ wheels too ..

    Premier Icon miketually

    That’s it, I’m putting the fat tyres back on the Solitude…

    I used a disc mounted cog from velosolo and rode a lap of Dalby red fixed, It was a laugh for a bit then the novelty wore off.

    I was completely fecked beyond belief and glad I didn’t have to drive home.

    I will use it again for a ride from home that’s a mixture of local road and bridleways and is pretty flat.

    Premier Icon miketually

    Bigger: http://twitpic.com/6ji9z3

    I stuck my old Nevegal 2.25″ tyres onto the Solitude last night. Quite a difference to the 28c Marathons that they replaced! Road ride to work this morning was great fun: fixed + big heavy tyres = momentum!

    (Yes, it may well be the ugliest bike you’ve seen for a while.)



    I used to ride fixed off road, more out of neccesity than anything (knee injury meant that I could’t get a full rotation without the assistance of the fixed wheel). Totally different type of riding really, if you are riding in the peaks and lakes you cannot hit the same lines (unless you are a mincer anyway) as you would do on a freewheeled bike but it does become a different type of challenge.


    I have converted an old rudge roadster to fixed with a velosolo bolt on cog, fitted hybrid tyres and ventured off road many times. At this years single speed champs in Belgium i was one of 4 riders to take part on a fixie, I managed 3 laps. Hopefully will tackle euros in France next year on same fixie plus a few modifications. It will have a rear brake and fatter tyres !
    I find you need to carefully pick your lines, accept pedal strikes are likely and just keep the power on.
    Its the stupidist most grin inducing cycling I’ve ever done and I hope to keep doing it 😉


    The only fixie I’ve tried was one of the modern (ie: not that big) penny-farthings.

    I went over the bars.

    While trying to get on.


    Looking at the left hand chainset,is a double chainset possible?That would be a whole new level of niechdom


    It’s a hoot isn’t it? Folk automatically think you’re either
    a. Trying to prove a point / be different for the sake of it or
    b. some sort of bike handling god.

    Its actually:
    c. Neither of the above, its just a lot of fun and not as daft or as hard as you think.

    Premier Icon simon1975

    Ooh I missed this thread since I’ve been out having fun… There’s a picture of me up there 🙂 Although Sam did age me by a year 😉

    A ride with Richpips inspired me to give it a go – when I first met him he was on his bespoke ScandAl 29er fixie, when he ripped down into The Roych on it, and then made a superb job of The Beast later on in the ride.

    To be honest, it’s just like riding a bike… But it adds an extra challenge to regular trails. OK you can’t go so fast, but you can still jump, drop-off, and get down most stuff. For really steep stuff I do need to drop the saddle which feels really odd with the fixed gear. It tends to make climbing a lot easier too as the forward momentum of the bike carries you through the dead spots on your cranks – I’ve cleared the Twrch climb (Cwmcarn) on the fixed Pompino (39:16) which I have never achieved on 2:1 freewheeling MTBs.

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