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  • I've built a singlespeed
  • Doing Set2Rise this weekend.
    I'm currently part way through upgrading my fleet to 29", so I will be taking my 29er to ride, my old 26er as a spare bike and a spare pair of 29er wheels, all Rohloff.
    Mrs Militant wanted a spare bike too, so I have built one up out of whatever spare parts I had around.
    Santa Cruz medium Chameleon with sliding drop outs. 34t chainring and the chain on the 17 sprocket of a normal 9 speed cassette at the back.
    I test rode it yesterday and, I have to say, I really can't see what all the fuss is about.
    It was a little bit lighter, but most of the time I was in the wrong gear.
    Pretty much what I was expecting.
    It's done nothing to change my view that singlespeeding is for people who don't like derailleurs, but can't afford a Rohloff.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    My view is that Hoff riders realy want to be singlespeed riders but their legs are too weak.They only put up with all that noise and drag so they can pretend to be a sser.

    I don't know anyone who could (or even would) "afford a rohloff" !!

    If you're used to gears, SS is going to feel odd .. but just select a gear that you feel comfortable pushing a long out-the-saddle climb on and you'll be 'reet. If you like to ride 'seated' and with efficient cadence then no SS ain't for you.

    I tend not to pedal much on the downs, like to sprint the climbs and ride the bike like a BMX .. ie. pedal in hard bursts.. so SS suits me fine.. although I wouldn't want to do a 30+ mile ride/race SS


    Hoff riders

    Who'd ride a Hoff? 😯

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