I've brought a old car WARNING it's a mk3 cortina (well most of it)

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  • I've brought a old car WARNING it's a mk3 cortina (well most of it)
  • Hmm I know of a number of volvo T5 2.5L engines that are running 350+ that havent cracked the liners (yet) and at least a couple that have done 20k plus with BW K16’s on pushing 400. The B5254T3 in the S40 / V50 is quite a popular block stateside for modding.

    That ebay car’s got a Mk4 dashboard, if that matters. The Mk3 had the instruments at the end of huge dark tunnels, muscle car style. IIRC, my GT had some ‘supplementary’ dials in the centre, angled towards the driver.

    Obviously it’s no Mk 1 Granada…

    Or is it a Consul?

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    Or is it a Consul?

    I thought someone on here would pick that up.


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    Nah, the Consul was a more angular behemoth wasn’t it…

    I loved the Mk5 Cortina. Such a comfy car. And at the time, it (the 2.0 version) was quite quick. The Pinto engine was just so tunable. I put a 2.0 lump in a Mk3 Capri, then had it bored to 2.1with a 270 cam. On the road it was not far off the 2.8i I bought a few years later, especially after rejetting the carb.

    I remember breaking down on the way back from watching Villa in Ipswich. (I’d been arrested for scrapping with some Ipswich fans…yes, I know I know tut tut).
    Anyhow, I was in my old Hillman Avenger & my mate had a Mk5 Cortina,…so he towed my all the way back. It took all bloomin night. 🙂

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    I want this

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    Me too. Think I’ve just done a sex wee.

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    I spent three month driving round nz in a mk 3 2000e in 1999. Awesome car and great ondition having been owned by an old boy. Proper driveable and lots of fun on the dirt tracks. New prop shaft was the only thing we needed. My dad had a mk3 in about 1980 and ours was in much better condition then his. Goodwork fella..


    Now my wallets £1500 short and I need an engine

    Are you going to “savage” it with a Rover 3.5 V8 and Jag back axle, or do things properly and insert a 302 Mustang engine (5.0l V8) like they put in the Capri? 😈

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    My brother had a mk3 Cortina finished in a rather lovely metallic silver. Unfortunately it spontaneously combusted outside Streatham Ice Rink, even the glass melted. The only thing that survived in the interior were 2 unused Tampax belonging to his then girlfriend. I say “then” as she went onto to become the mental bitch from hell the almost ruined his life.
    Back to the OP, you have to stick a Cosworth Turbo lump or a small block V8 in it.

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    If you want old Ford then something like a Broadspeed Bullit or one of the 3lt rallycross 4×4 Capris.

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    My dad had several Cortinas

    A white Mk2 1600E
    A bronze Mk3 2000 GT
    and a gold Mk5 2L Ghia S

    I loved these cars.

    Look forward to seeing the photos


    Did you get it from a bring and buy sale?


    I remember my mate has one of the Ford Escort (like the one in yellow above) in dark blue with a Toyota engine in it … 😆 Same with Golf GTi … with Toyota Engine. The Ford Escort is very handsome looking.

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    So, is it Cortina Day today or something?

    Never noticed any Cortinas around – then this thread – then today there’s a Mk4 parked up my road (original condition), saw another Mk4 when out and about – then a lovely black MK1 ! Weird. My Grandad had a MK1 in blue, he used to take us down the beach in on the weekends. Great memories 🙂


    remember being able to wheelspin it in 2nd at 40mph (and it could get to 60 in 2nd too)

    Hardly surprising, they were notoriously light at the back, as were Capris. SOP was a bag of cement in the boot to get some weight over the wheels.

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