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  • taxi25

    Just got around to watching this. I thought it was ok, no idea were some of the comments on here are coming from !! But more to the point Mrs Taxi watched it as well, she’s not a cyclist but gets interested in the TDF most years, especially this year. She liked it as well and was amazed when I told her of the critisim on stw. She wonders what people expect from a main stream program, that caters for all cyclists and those with just a casual interest.
    Maybe an in depth study about fully rigid 29er mtb technology.


    I liked it.


    Blinkin ek you lot, a cycling show on t’tellybox and most of you is dissin it.

    Now’t wrong with peak caps turned up indoors in That There Cafe that we all know and use and love..


    The bonus in all this is that cycling is being promoted, whatever the discipline and mode/method.. that has to be applauded and celebrated.

    I’ll read the all the comments above when I’m on the train tonight..



    is LMNH always full of “hipster, wannabe, hanger-oners, drinking mocachoccowotnot and balsamic beer” with their cycling hats at jaunty angles

    or was the “audiance” worse than usual as they had all turned out to watch the glorious end to the TdF


    They were filming for this show at the Mega. Keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of weeks.


    Or this Monday according to the sign-out of the show.

    Have to say, 30-minutes is a bit light to try and cover ‘all’ aspects of our sport. Probably beeter to concentrate one aspect and the news each week.

    To be fair Gary Fisher, Graham Obree and Nigel Mansell is quite a guest line up for a new show.

    I’d love to have been the researcher who asked Gary Fisher to take part in the ‘race’. ‘Who will I be racing?’ ‘Graham Obree.’ ‘I’ll get me coat.’

    Good to see a programme on [almost] normal TV but to keep it on TV they need to not try and cram everything in it.


    Is it always going to be based in a Cafe?

    Wish the whole show had focused on Gary Fisher and Graham Obree tbh

    Premier Icon MrGreedy

    I thought it was OK. To answer a couple of the points raised, the stupid caps were from a Le Coq Sportif giveaway to tie in with the Tour (LCS is the new sponsor of the leaders’ jerseys). Mansell and Obree were looking up weirdly because that’s where the big TV is in the café, and presumably it hadn’t been turned off when they started filming or something. They probably tried to cover a bit too much for the time available (would definitely have liked to see more on Obree’s record attempt) but overall it was alright, certainly vastly preferable to Top Gear or the Gadget Show.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    If Penny from the gadge show presented it in a lycra skin suit it’d still have been 25 odd minutes of cringe, still it’s encouraged me to ride more, i’ll be out on the bike instead of watching it


    I just watched this and realised that Wayne Hemmingway was riding round on my old street!

Viewing 10 posts - 161 through 170 (of 170 total)

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