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  • itunes wirelessly around the house?
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    Yes, it used to be possible with just iTunes. Airfoil can also do the job. You will need wireless connections in the rooms you want to share music in (airport express will do this job from the iTunes PC/Mac). From memory its one set of speakers at a time only.


    As sandwich says, it is possible with AirPlay and airport express. From a laptop or desktop, you can have speakers plugged in to the airport express stations and stream. I only have one of them but I seem to remember a friend having a couple and being able to control the volume of each. Works with iPad and iPhone too, although only to one set of speakers at a time. Airport express around the £80 mark last time I looked.


    I’ve got an Airport Express, which makes my printer wireless normally, but all I have to do is plug it into my hifi and I can control it with my iPhone as a remote (It a free app)

    It works beautifully, and is a piece of cake to set up. 🙂


    iTunes with multiple airports = many rooms with music.

    It is signal strength/electronic clutter dependent however..

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    Can anyone tell me if its possible to use my itunes library to play music around the house….by this i mean

    wireless speakers in other rooms all playing the music from itunes on my pc

    i’ve searched and only found multiroom systems

    cheers in advance

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    Here’s my set up.

    iMac streaming music to Apple TV which is connected to my surround sound system in the lounge.

    Airport connected to the separates system in the dining room which has a set of speakers connected to it in the kitchen.

    Same music in 3 rooms of the house.

    The using the Remote app on an iPad / iPhone / Touch the music can be controlled remotely and if airfoil is installed on those devices music can be streamed to them too.

    Its a very cool system.


    Is there a way to slow down a track streaming from an iPad to a stereo?

    I use an app called slow notes when Playing along to a new song before I play it at full tilt. Is there a way to stream the song in slow notes using airport express or can you only stream from the iPad music player?

    Apologies for the slight high jack

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