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  • DickBarton

    I’ve got a Hope Bleed kit with the pressurised bottle – had it around 9 or 10 years. Not been used the last 8 due to not running the Hope brakes with the top cap that came with the unit.

    Anyway, I stumbled a cross a picture of a later kit and it did have the top cap for the Tech Lever.

    Quick email to Hope asking for the part number and price so I could order it from my LBS (sent around 22:30) and by 08:45 next morning, had a reply back asking for my postal address and they’d send one out to me FOC as it wasn’t available on it’s own.

    With any luck it arrives today. Well impressed…not a huge thing but wasn’t expecting it. I’m now going to see if I can get a syringe hooked up to it so I can make bleeding even easier (syringe at bottom and top then just depress the plunger of one then the other…makes sure all the air is out and the levels are all topped off…and should be a 2 minute job!).


    I’ve just had a two year old Vision 4 repaired by Hope FOC, no quibbles, sent the light Thursday and got it back fully working Tuesday. Legendary customer service continues. If Carlsberg made bike stuff……………..


    Hope mono repair done for free.
    Hope vision 4 battery repaired for free.

    I can not fault them myself.

    Conversely, I bought a Hope low seat post clamp chain guide a couple of weeks ago. I spoke to Hope before Xmas about it and was told it would fit my bike. When it arrived, it didn’t – the two shims which are shown on the PDF instructions aren’t included with it. Every shop selling it just listed the the low clamp guide as one option, clearly implying it fits the three seat tube sizes listed on their site.

    Hope’s response was that if your seat tube isn’t the largest of the three sizes, you have to buy the shim for it for £5. Now I realise £5 is only £5 but when I’ve bought a product I don’t expect to be told I need to spend more on an ‘upgrade’ so I can actually use it, especially when no-one actually sells that extra part. Credit to Rutland Cycling for sending it to me free of charge, despite Hope’s response, and updating their website to separate out the sizes.

    Considering that I’ve read many threads about Hope’s legendary customer service and that my bike has about as much Hope kit on it as is possible (brakes, wheels, bearings), I’m a bit disappointed. I wonder if you get better service if you don’t sound like a slightly posh Southerner when you phone them?


    TBF you come across like a whiney posh **** on here too and we have no way of telling your accent

    Whatever you may think of me, whiney is something I am not. I have zero tolerance for bullshit, posturing, unnecessary negativity, cliqueyness and general territorial rudeness. Anyone who actually knows me would confirm that. Maybe my expectations of people’s behaviour online are too high?

    Premier Icon iain1775

    Whereas when I phoned to check something regards pro2 end caps and was told they would fit only to find out they then wouldn’t they sent me the correct kit FOC (despite it costing more) suggested I ‘ebayed the wrong ones’ and where about as apologetic as its possible to be
    Always great service in my opinion, same with 2Pure and Chain Reaction

    Well that’s the kind of thing I’d expect, maybe I got them on a bad day?


    Ah.. a control freak?

    Nice whine btw. Your sense of humour is very subtle. Easily misconstrued, isn’t it? 😉


    I’ve had some circlips sent FOC and a Hope vision 4 repair FOC well outside of warranty.

    Hopes customer service is excellent.

    Ah.. a control freak?

    No, I just know that when I’m in charge everything runs better. 😉

    Nice whine btw. Your sense of humour is very subtle. Easily misconstrued, isn’t it?

    A ‘whine’ is a complaint in a plaintive tone – however that was a statement made in an ‘”oh ffs” presenting a clear argument in confrontational manner’ tone. 😛


    Yeah, you’re not wrong, that is indeed one of the definitions of the word “whine”, I have no way of knowing if your voice *sounds whiney or not and as such haven’t commented on that but I do know for certain you are a whinger 😛 ..

    *FYI you have no control over the definition of “Whine” I choose to use, the meaning is not black and white as you suggest and crosses over into the same teritory as the definition of “whinge”. Go look the two words up if you’re unsure 😉

    Anyway, back on topic.. Hope customer service is and always has been no less than outstanding for anyone I’ve ever met who has had the common sense to make a polite enquiry rather than start whingeing when dealing with them.

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