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  • twinw4ll

    Walking the dog with the other half this morning, local cricket club for some quality ales in the midday sunshine, made some new friends, home now scoffing scones with jam and cream, bloody hell it don’t get much better than this.
    Out tonight for more ales, off tomorrow.

    Anyone else living the dream?

    Premier Icon Smudger666

    Nope, I’d say you pretty much have it covered!

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Just missing a bike ride really 🙄



    Cheers for that, it,s like the icing on the very smug cake.


    Off on the bike in the morning, back in time for lunch and an ale.


    pretty nice to be eating out in the garden on the 9th march 🙂 a bit sunshine and a (half) decent bottle of red.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Second sunny ride of the weekend this morning, took dog so he’s suitably tired out. Afternoon of bike and other garage related mooching & fettling, now Live & Let Die with a couple of bottles of Golden Glory.

    Would have been great to get out on the bike but went out with the family for a walk and unfortunately had promised to fit a Parrott hands free kit for a mate, so spend an hour or so this afternoon doing that. I’m itching to get out, I’ve had a run of a few weeks where events have worked against me and prevented me from taking advantage of the good weather windows over the past couple of weeks.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Forecast for the week makes it an ideal one to squeeze a few extra evening rides in if you can. That’s my plan anyway, should be able to get an hour in without lights after work.

    Premier Icon Lucas

    Good day for me but I’m knackered now. Out at 6.30 for a 50 mile road ride, back in time to walk dog and youngest son (on his balance bike) to oldest sons football practise. Gammon egg and chips for lunch in pub beer garden, cut grass, chase kids and play fight in the ultimate fighting ring that is the trampoline then take dog again round the fields that have been too muddy for months. Yesterday was similar, we have hardly spent any time inside this weekend!

    Premier Icon righog

    Yip me too…Great weekend

    Daughter…Having a great time at Comic con
    Son…got him out with the kite, then even a bike ride..miracle of…
    Saturday night..meal a few beers and a show with the wife.
    Sunday….First Road ride of the year with Mate, then a few beers while watching the Rugby.

    Everyone chatty and happy in the new street.

    @ Content


    Glorious sunny day here in West Yorkshire. Spent it taming the over planted garden of the house I bought last year. Fully intended to ride later but in the end far too tired, so relaxing now with a beer 🙂

    Ho hum

    The weather has been keech up here this weekend.

    I managed to get what I wanted done though and spend some time with wife and the children, so it hasn’t been too bad overall.

    Premier Icon ratadog

    First sensible ride this year as been restricted by minor health problem. Lovely day in North Yorkshire and not lost as much fitness as I feared.


    And it looks like I’m going to Wembley ……….again


    Yup cracking day here as well.
    Rode Delamere (and found a nice new run which will be better once it’s finally dried out ).Then back to Lymn for a couple of beers sat in the sun then back home cleaned the bike cleand myself teas on the go then Breaking Bad 😀

    Not a bad weekend for me either. Went to see the folks yesterday and helped my dad put up a new garden fence. Nice meal out with the family. Today went and got some laps in for some much needed motocross practice at my local track. Back home, starting to ache but very much looking forward to a well earned beer and an indian takeaway with my better half. Even got a bit of a sun tan as well!


    I’ve been stripping paint from the beams in the front room



    Long ride this am, then first BBQ of the season. Pretty good!

    No riding but..
    5-0 win in the cup woohoo
    Taking my mum to Mallaig because she likes trains so we’re takinmg the train fom Glasgow (very scenic, Crianlarich, Rannoch Moor, Ft William, Glenfinnan and the viaduct, Arisaig). Orginally mentioned by her because she’d found out that you can get any return train ticket in Scotland for £19.99. Turns out only if your > 55. I’m not. Take mum to station tp see if I can negotiate a better deal than the £40 each way that’s on line. At station, best is £100 return.
    “I can do better than that on line”
    “Hold on, I’ll see if I can find a better deal”
    “Sorry, what’s the deal for the £20 return fare”
    “You need to be over 55”
    “What about nearly 55?”
    “How nearly?”
    “Close enough, that’ll be £19.99 then”
    RESULT! I love our railways

    Finishing the day with a glass of Highland Park – bottle finished, Oban next.

    Yup, it’s good.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Saw the first pair of swallows of the year today.. summer is just round the corner now


    Saw the first pair of swallows of the year today

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    It was beautiful today; really put a spring in my step.

    I spent all of it indoors, smashing the **** out of lime mortar, getting cuts to the head, more blood blisters etc etc.

    Still, I got to lay a tasty little number from B&Q in the bathroom. Perfect fit too.

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