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  • It's National Cycle To Work day!
  • As I live in the Peak District and am working in London today, no! But we are off for a night ride when I get home tonight. 😀

    I have, as i do every day but for some reason i didn’t see any other cyclists. :/


    Just fixing to head off to work. Just like most days.
    Is today supposed to be different?

    I’m not in today. 8)

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    And on cue it starts to piddle down with rain.

    Premier Icon thetallpaul

    I did too, but very few cyclists this morning.
    Busy on the roads around York though.

    Premier Icon Drac

    I’m off today so going to drive the car loads to balance things out.

    I drove in today, purely because I was too lazy to get my bike out of the car last night! 😳

    I always cycle to work, so maybe I’ll drive today.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Working from home, so no.

    But since you’ve posted it and it’s not hissing it down, Ive changed my mind and will cycle jr into skool this morning rather than be a lazy arse and drive it.

    thanks. Better get a move on then….


    Yep, just like every day.
    I did see at least two more cyclists than normal this morning though.

    OI! Stop riding on my trails! I use these all year you know!


    Premier Icon Simon

    I did, but I do every Thursday anyway.


    Yes, like I do every thursday (OH’s day to use the car). No more cyclists than normal and no sign of anything going on to mark it. No free bacon butties for me 🙁


    The stairs between the kitchen and office are a bit steep for a bike. But the kids went to school on them, like normal.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Yep, same as normal although today I was rewarded with a free coffee & croissant for my efforts.

    Didn’t seem to have made much difference on the streets of Manchester, not sure there were any more cyclists than normal. Seemed to be the same amount of bellend driving as usual…

    Yep, same as every other day!

    Rather amusingly, with the London Tri on this weekend, lots of folks are clearly arriving in town this morning to get set up, so my commute was full to bursting with folks mincing along on full on tri set ups, with big rucksacks of kit on their backs!

    All cycling life is here…..

    not today 🙁 my knees are hurting so I’m on a little rest. I have ridden to work pretty much every day for the last 30 years though so I don’t feel bad . Not sure today would be a good day to ride anyway if there are loads of inexperienced cyclists in Central London.

    Premier Icon cp

    Yep, the usual 2 miles to the office. Just about to drive a 120mile round trip for work though!

    Not sure today would be a good day to ride anyway if there are loads of inexperienced cyclists in Central London.

    You mean like every other day? 🙂


    So – have you? 🙂


    Working from home today. The turbo is just inside the lounge, if it pass it I may stop and cycle a bit?!


    I’m such a lazy git I couldn’t be bothered to type this all over again 🙄

    Don’t forget to smile as you spin through red lights, cut up kerbs, zip past old folk, slam brake in front of meandering students looking down at their phones, scuttle up one way streets the wrong way, get gutter rash by being squeezed by taxis, loose your false teeth from bouncing along potholes, sweating like a pig from Strava KOMs, dribbling coffee down your suit whilst negotiating one handed right turns through pedestrian crossings, stopping to tie up that loose pannier or saddle bag, trap your right trews leg in the chain (yet again) get soaked by a short sharp shower and finally end up at work to find office security won’t allow you to bring your foldie into the office..


    I have been nearly every day for the last 22 years but last night the dr signed me off for 2 weeks so no I did,nt this morning 😳


    Just a Day?

    Highlighting how poor the whole cycling infrastructure is in this country.

    Saying that I’ll put money on Cycling friendly countries such as Holland, Spain and Denmark don’t have a Cycle to work Day? Don’t need one.

    I reckon cycling to college and back should count too, so yes.

    exactly what @tacopowell said!


    why would nt this be in July some time

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    Just managed it. Usually do 4 out of 5 times a week I’d say, but today I’m rather hungover and miserable but persuaded myself to.

    tacopowell – “Holland is a region and former province located on the western coast of the Netherlands. The term Holland is also frequently used as a pars pro toto to refer to the whole of the country of the Netherlands. This usage is generally accepted, but disliked by part of the Dutch population, especially in the other parts of the Netherlands”

    Just so you know. 🙂


    No, I’ve got a dodgy knee so I’m on a rest week. Didn’t ride last night either. Bah. Usually ride in at least a couple of times a week though.

    Premier Icon scaled

    I dropped the nipper off at the child minder, rode that bike home, swapped bike and rode into work.

    I work from home on Thursdays but decided to come in to the office just for cycle to work day.


    Yeah. I ride to work every day.


    Yep. Didn’t notice any more cyclists than usual though.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Yep. Well publicised event isn’t it?! NO!

    Not today, infact not this week really as my back wheels a bit wobbly so I need to swap the hub at the weekend.


    I’m (allegedly) working from home. (I’ve checked my emails)

    Does this mean I have to use the turbo trainer?

    Premier Icon kimbers

    yup 10 miles into London

    I think the drizzle kept a lot of cyclists away

    Getting a little brighter in That London’s City of London now, Kimbers.

    Might take Brynhildr the Brompton off to the LBS at lunchtime for a bit of a mooch around.


    Saying that I’ll put money on Cycling friendly countries such as Holland, Spain and Denmark don’t have a Cycle to work Day? Don’t need one.

    In Madrid very few people ride to work, not sure about the other Spanish towns and cities.

    I rode to work 🙂

    Premier Icon Mattbike

    Kick started me into doing the first commute of the year. The need to drop the kids off at breakfast club has meant that I’ve not biked in all year. However due to being able to dodge the traffic, the ride in today took just as long as the car! I think I’ll be riding in more often.

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