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    Just a moan about my bike which i brought 11 months ago Lapierre 714 orginally 2012 frame then upgraded to 2013 frame and in that time i have had 3 frames crack/break, 2 reverb posts, rear freehub explode (Easton xct 70, i presume thats why crc selling cheap) and finally today the crown my forks broke fox floast 32’s. I mainly do xc stuff and the odd trail centre cannock, afan, bpw red/blue runs so all within the claimed capabilities of the bike. Im not a over weight and ride within my capabilities. Just wondered if anyone else has had a bad run or if i really am not destined to ride a mtb.


    That does sound like some very bad luck.


    Just think, if you’d bought a steel fixie, none of those things would have happened.

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    That does sound like quite a bad run of luck.

    Have you considered a rigid SS? 😉


    I’ve known quite a few people that have had their ‘the Peter’ frames crack.

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    That’s almost unbelievable bad luck.

    My (sh) 2010 314 has not had an easy life and is crack free. I’ve heard of Lapierre’s cracking but apart from a particular run (2009?) they seem to fail as often as any other frame – not often – but get stick for it because ‘everyone knows…’ The real surprise though is the cracking Float crown?

    What grabs me is that these are all respectable components from different places. No way could you blame Lapierre for the manufacture of Easton’s wheels, SRAM’s Reverb or Fox’s Float.

    Maybe try some hire bikes at trail centres and see if they break in similar ways?

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    It be cursed- reverbs, easton hubs and zestys failing is nothing out of the ordinary but the forks are a bit special!

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    That’s the French for you.
    You just can’t trust them.


    Must be bad luck. Is the 714 carbon? The 2012 models had issues with cracking but the 2013 rectified the faults, from what I’ve seen anyway.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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