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  • It's good to have a nice break whilst away on holiday….
  • What was their management plan?

    Hope the boy makes as speedy a recovery as mine always have.


    Delay any form of manipulation to correct the deformity, until at least 12 hours later (no valid reason)
    No analgesia offered in the 3 hours we were there*
    Temp backslab that COMPLETELY coved the hand/fingers – the reply when I explained the need to assess NV status whilst I ‘peeled’ back the cover – “it’ll be alright….”

    All this was in the ‘private clinic’ that dissapointingly the resort directed the taxi to – being ‘shook up parents’ we kind of went along with it, until we came to our senses, and we self discharged and got a taxi to the local state hospital. Seen and manipulated under GA that eve.
    Although, even then the ‘care’ was being ‘safely manipulated’ by myself and my wife – staying up all night to check the cap refil etc as no one else seems too bothered by this….basically being the ONLY recovery ‘staff’ for a three year old wheeled straight out of theatre onto an (almost) unstaffed ward (wife’s a gas girl – said he should be in a fully monitored environment until roused)… And managing his (mostly unnecessary) IV fluid rate… Maintenance of 125ml/hr for an 11 kg sound right to ANYONE?!!!
    I mean – fluids left like that can KILL tiny kids if left unnoticed – I worry for those people who simply ‘go along’ with what a ‘specialist’ may be suggesting, thinking its best for their little ones…(through no fault of their own)


    *miles found it funny that “they put medicine up his bum” when he did get some! Bless!

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    Oh my! Thank goodness that you both knew what to do.
    Speedy recovery for young Miles.

    Aye – that sounds more than a bit of a guff experience. Thankfully your lad will probably know no different and think that everything was fine and dandy.


    I just wish it was my arm, not his 😥
    For those who moan about the NHS and it’s flaws, I feel they pail in insignificance to the downright dangers and shoddy practice we witnessed for our own dear son – I kid you not, that if it weren’t for me and the wifey’s medical backgrounds, if left to the Cypriot doctors ‘management plan’, our son could have lost his hand…

    Oh well, how to entertain an active toddler on a sun, sea, and swimming holiday, when he can’t really have sun, sea, or swimming……?!



    I think I need DrP’s phone number in case this happens when I am away.

    In all seriousness, how can “normal” (non medical) people ensure this does not happen.

    I hope he makes a full and speedy recovery and you don’t lose too much sleep.

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    In contrast, when my boy fell off his bike in France, the hospital was excellent. Doctor was keen to practise his English – couldn’t fault the level of care.

    OP, does sound like a nightmare. All the best to Miles.

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    I really don’t want to heat stories like this.

    I’m glad is all is well.

    Maybe go on a boat trip

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