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  • Its Friday, its warm, the sun is out so where are we all riding this weekend?
  • For me, Cut Gate tomorrow and then maybe sneak out for a couple of hours on Sunday evening from home around Calderdale. Looking forward to it!


    Local road race Saturday.
    Then Sunday I can enjoy a relaxed paced road training ride through the Chilterns. I shall be recovering and going steady which will give many a MTBer the chance to post 'I owned a fully lycra'd up roadie and left him in my wake' Monday morning 😉


    Dude to spending last weekend in Afan I've decided to reduce my wife points overdraft and spend the weekend bike free…. sort of, so taking this afternoon off to do a good 40miler over dartmoor tehe… and hopefully get up early enough on Sunday to do a quick blast before wify awakes! Hopefully will mean I avoid all annoying fair weather riders!


    🙁 I'm going to a friends house – and the 55Km Devon Dirt is on on sunday 🙁 – poo like to do both 🙁

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Doing the Wiggle ups and downs mtb ride near Dorking. Be interesting to ride somewhere new without havign to worry about the route too much.


    Big STW Purbecks ride!

    Premier Icon willard

    I would have been belting round the track around my local resevoir on Sunday, but my new bik (Merlin Malt 2) doesn't get here until next weekend or so.

    Hence, I must bide my time.


    CutGate- Might have another try at that. Is it dry enough now? Recommendation on route starting point etc?


    Syfydrin (Continental) at Nant-yr-Arian + rideout from home tonight (30Km)

    Dyfi Enduro course (all which is accessible anyway) pre-ride on Sunday (~50Km)

    I have a biking weekend fest going on. Saturday is a day on the mendips, Sunday is Cwmcarn DH track day.

    Hora – it'll be fine. Just start at Langsett or Fairholmes (?) and do out and back with a loop at the Langsett end (look at the OS map – theres an obvious BW loop)


    I set off from Fairholmes the only time I did it and hated the tedious bit along the reservoir and the boggy bit up.

    Langsett- is there a start point (obvious?)

    action dan

    Up & down Snowdon for me….. 😆


    Racing at Hopton for me.


    Lammermuirs tonight – Innerleithen tomorrow – Ben Vorlich/Stuc a Chroin on Sunday. I might not take the bike on Sunday!!

    The sunny Purbecks for me. 😀

    Premier Icon stumpy01

    Unfortunately nowhere for me as it's my nephew's birthday party on Saturday so I'll be down nr London for the weekend…..

    But Wiggle Enduro6 next weekend that I'm looking forward to!

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    I am starting the Deutschlandcross route on saturday, 710km across germany mainly off road, hoping to do it in 6 days, but allowing 9 days just in case.

    This arvo – Road ride to coniston if i can be arsed
    Tonight – Bmx trails
    Tomorrow – Road ride over wrynose way
    Sunday – Leigh Quarry

    I hope it rains, then i dont have to ride my bike.

    Premier Icon simon1975

    Cutgate Sunday, Hora??? I've lost your email address, mail me if you fancy it. I'd want to do it out and back from Fairholmes though, to save on driving. Cafe at Langsett.


    Sadly nowhere for me, banned by Doc until they work out why I'm constantly dizzy!


    Simon YGM

    Premier Icon senor j

    Chilterns for me on Saturday.
    Like xc-steve,on Sunday I'll be sneaking out of bed
    with the sparrow farts(v.early)
    to get a pedal in and around Trent Park before the missus wakes.

    I'm off on Sunday to do the Devon Dirt, let's hope it stays dry & sunny 8)

    Premier Icon domino

    Just got a lovely new bike 🙂 Short route from home later and a longer Dales ride tomorrow. Gentle road ride on Sunday as I am likely to be slightly hungover from a friends birthday Saturday night.


    SS around my local woods this weekend, big bike is causing me no end of hassle at the moment 😡

    local loop on the Lincolnshire Wolds at least once. Possibly on my SS now it has shiny new non wobbly wheel bearings. Possibly on gears if i want more of a pootle.


    A Dartmoor bivi for me and several others, but without bikes 'cos one of the gang is still nursing a broken arm. Then, hopefully, a ride or two at Nant yr Arian sometime early next week 🙂


    Riding out to Langsett and then back via the Peak District's finest tomorrow for me.

    Rossendale for me, up the bridleway, over little brian's, crown point, down the yellow brick road and over the moon.

    Can't get out tonight as in The smoke at the moment waiting for my train back home.

    Premier Icon clareymorris

    Cross fell big day out for us on Saturday – can't wait!!

    cut throat bridge ladybower area tonight, then a quick blast round castleton/edale sunday night when the trails are nice and deserted!

    oooooh cross fell, sounds good

    Premier Icon lwvlane

    Currently deciding between the Raven at Brechfa and Whites Level at Afan – ridden them both before but can't decide which one's more awesome! leaning towards Brechfa as I type…


    A stone cabin in the mountains above Santander. Bit of riding, bit of helping to fix up cabin.


    little local road ride Saturday, then off to watch the world cup at Dalby on sunday.

    Premier Icon cp

    pounding the streets of sheffield on sunday in the half marathon 🙂 poss bit of an mtb ride this arvo… having been sat in the office looking out at glorious sunshine all day!


    Was going to go Llandegla but have too much uni work to do really so I can't really waste 4-5 hours just on travelling 🙁 So I'm just gonna have an hour or 2 on the western park jumps then crack on with more work. Hopefully the weather stays nice enough to go Cannock next weekend to give Phase II a go. Only about an hour away.

    Seven of us off to do the Skyline at Afan on Sunday 😀


    Sheffield, Bradfield, Strines kinda loop one day, Wharncliffe the other. Probably.

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