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  • Premier Icon ratadog

    Long time user of one ISP. Service is quietly spiralling down. FTTC not got here yet although Openreach vans are circling.

    Have had same ISP email addresses for 15 years but already have gmail set up for travelling, mobiles etc. Want to try and future proof collective family email addresses (minimal 5 inboxes) against future changes in ISP by registering domain with forwarding and probably a specific email service to tide us over.

    A) have I understood correctly that this is eminently doable and not expensive?

    B) Am I right that to have the domain registered to me I need a specialist Domain Name registrar rather than doing it through the ISP or I’ll be in the same mess again?

    C) Namecheap, Network Solutions and Daily all seem to offer me domain registration, email forwarding and a separate email service to tide me over a change in ISP. Anyone got experience with any of them (or anyone else they can recommend/warn me off)?

    D) Anyone using Zen as their ISP?

    E) When I am ready to jump am I right that I need a MAC code from current provider and then new provider will swap service across?



    I would recommend 123-Reg for registering the domain. They will give you all the control you need (which is more than I can say for some providers) and seems to be what most people use.

    Can’t really comment on personal emails myself. You’d have been pointed straight to Google Apps at one time, but it’s a paid service these days. How they fair in costs in comparison to other providers I don’t know, but to be fair, their service is probably better than many.


    Have forwarded mail through a domain before and is fairly straight forward. You might need a hosting package, not sure.

    Am also using Zen as ISP. Can’t fault them on service, speed wet up significantly and went from unusable at peak times to absolutely consistent. Only downside is had to upgrade because we hit usage limits.

    You enter the MAC code online when you register with Zen.

    Premier Icon ratadog

    Thanks for this.

    I’ll have a look at 123

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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