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  • It'll be Spring in no time (ahem)…so show your Motorbikes…
  • Premier Icon smogmonster

    Im bored at home and its snowing again, so im dreaming of the Spring when the Motorbike can emerge from hibernation.

    Lets see your pics. Heres my CB1000R…


    even come spring the roads round here are so fubar its lethal on the motorbike, I swerved round a pothole only to slide it on the loose gravel that it had generated


    Here’s mine……

    The roads over here on the Isle Of Man have also seen better days.

    All the snow and ice has finally gone, leaving them full of potholes.


    Want motorbike!!!

    Premier Icon robgarrioch

    Crossing Morecambe Bay last April, after a fantastic Lakes ride + camp on Piel Island with around 30 fellow trailie brothers –

    (damn slow bike though 🙂 )

    I’m rather liking the new Triumph Tiger 800

    But for the foreseeable future I’ll be making do with one of these. Mine’s rather less shiny than this one


    Sold the R1,

    now just a little bike to pootle about on.
    KTM 990 SM

    My GSX-R 750 K4 – some love it some hate it, I LOVE it 😀 got a cuple more goodies on her now since that pic though.

    And me and my girlfriend on it, taken by a mate in his car

    me falling for Mr MC’s “my R1 cant carry luggage” line before backroads trek to yorkshire from oxfordshire 🙄 😆

    Mr MC’s R1 half way through a days blast into wales (elan valley?)

    and in the Wicklow Gap, Ireland, hiding a tatty 929 Fireblade and mysteriously carrying luggage…


    From a year-or-two ago… It’s a bit less shiney now. :mrgreen:


    Heres me doing a trackday at Brands Hatch in October.
    Need to do some mechanical fiddling before i go ride it again, the ignition is less than reliable. Gorgeous to ride and own otherwise and only £110 fully comp!



    The winter project, although I’ve been too busy to do much so far!
    1986 Yamaha SRX 608cc, mods to follow:
    Wheels to be changed to lighter TZ ones or the later srx single shock ones depending on which looks better.
    Swingarm to be replaced with one off a FZR 400 with slight mods and addition of twin shock mounts.
    Rear sets.
    Single seat unit off RS125 with alto of mods. and custom sub frame.
    Rear shocks to be replaced with some 3.5″ stroke Diverese Duellers with Ti springs.
    Forks making some cartridge emulator pistons and shim stacks, if I don’t like these, maybe another set of forks and yokes.
    The engine is being rebuilt too, but I’ve another one that will be built into an overbored ‘grenade’ engine with a bit more power over the next year or so.
    Brakes are good as standar as it’s pretty light but will assess these further when it’s on the road.


    I designed the stickers on your bike!


    My one litre toys in the sun

    b r

    New commuter, delivered tomorrow.

    Its paid for itself through doing twice to the gallon as my car and free secure parking at work – plus the government changing the rules on the treatment of company ‘assets’ 😆


    my buell is off to the dyno tomorrow, just had more engine work done and full one off stainless exhaust – see what the power is upto now

    wil post a pic tomorrow

    Good to see a Ktm Sm on here.
    Here’s mine but selling up to get a Husaberg Sumo.

    Very competent commuter and all round hooligan bike at the weekend.
    Got some good upgrades on there too.


    Can we have nice bikes please. Expect Loco and the KTM the only thing I see is stuff that make children crying (the honda is vial what happen to the CB450)…

    If you need help with yours LOCO let me know the french SRX website is absolutely full of tips and preps on the SRX.

    Can please poddy, TJ, druidh and strato resume to this thread.

    Pretty please…
    in the meatime

    EDIT LoCo what clip on do you use?


    Awaiting clutch modifications so it can last a full track day without slipping. Too_Much_Torque

    Brake seals went pop this week from 3 winters abuse. Should be back on the road next week after I get them rebuilt plus some new braided hose lines. 🙂

    Premier Icon Northwind

    My silly green SV650

    Take one budget commuter, add 20% horsepower, remove 15% weight, season with Dymags, Ohlins and GSXR suspension and top off with a DIY paint job. It doesn’t get as much love these days but it’s still a wee beast.

    On track…

    On its way to the other end of another country


    My sportsbike + son!:

    in action:

    And my daily workhorse:


    Just like my ancient Blackie:


    Superfli, is that a Raleigh Burner I see hiding in your garage? Please tell me you’re saving it for your son.


    My 1 litre of Italian V Twin goodness….

    Not ridden a motorbike for a few years now – but this year it will happen – the old friend the BSA will reappear

    bsa 2 by TandemJeremy, on Flickr

    I have had this bike for 25 years – ridden to Moscow and Norway on it, done an honest ton, scraped the footpegs at 85


    audiophile. Yes, thats a Raleigh Aero Pro Burner 🙂 25th anniversary edition that caught my eye for an investment. Alas its sold now 🙁

    You may also see the ladies Muddy Fox Courier behind. Was my mums for many years. I gave that away, too knackered to do anything with. My dad still has his blokes version though.


    My baby:

    Second trail bike for me after the Transalp i had before, she’s been left wanting the last few months, she needs a bit of loving 🙁


    ive got a slightly modified one of these in the same mankey blue it chuggs along the dual carriageway at 55mph which is plenty fast enough on my way to collage and is nice to ride on the back roads on the way home when the temperamental headlight works!

    im looking to move onto something bigger like an africa twin..

    Nice srx loco

    My classic kwak, it was retro 20 years ago when it was new! Few little tweaks to make it handle (zxr shocks) and make a proper noise. Cheap, old, love it.


    Lots of nice pics there. Love the SRXs. Here’s my bikes

    The GS

    Laundry at lake Bohinj by yodagoat, on Flickr


    Lots of nice pics there. Love the SRXs. Here’s my bikes

    The GS

    My BMW R1150GS HDR by yodagoat, on Flickr

    my GS and Stac Pollaidh by yodagoat, on Flickr

    Slovenian border. by yodagoat, on Flickr

    Lammermuir Run by yodagoat, on Flickr

    Laundry at lake Bohinj by yodagoat, on Flickr

    and the C90

    C90 in a field by yodagoat, on Flickr

    c90 bass rock tantallon pano by yodagoat, on Flickr

    C90 at the pylons. by yodagoat, on Flickr

    My first bike with an engine, and it’s due soon as a wedding present from the new mrs 🙂

    Not mine, but looks like mine.

    Husqvarna TE 450. Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!

    Premier Icon robgarrioch

    Should’ve also posted my ex, the 2nd TL1000s I owned, which gave me my 2nd best biking moment; the first ride after replacing the awful rotary damper with a Maxton unit (“what… working suspension?”)


    1150GS 🙂

    CBR600 … needing camchain tensioner 🙁

    TY175 … needing a new tank 🙁


    Nice collection Juan, cheers for the offer. The clip ons are Telefix, german I think and adjustable in all directions


    Well they are not mine, but I though I’d some real stuff of chrome passion and beauty not some plasticky things 😉

    Here is mine, well was as at the moment she’s more in bits (plenty of them to be honest)…

    Superfli – You a gixerjunkie??

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