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  • Item suspected stolen in the post – what to do?
  • DT78

    So I ordered a set of nice carbon bars from a reputable but small online shop. Picked up the box from the depot today (RM recorded).

    2 items from the order are in there, but the bars aren’t. Parcel doesn’t look like its been tampered with (unless they retaped it)

    I’ve sent a note to the shop but as it is late Sat I’m not expecting an immediate response. Obviously they could think I’m trying to pull a fast one so what is the normal process for this?

    Never had anything go missing before and I’ve bought alot of bike parts over the years.


    Are you sure all the items were definitely being sent out together?


    What makes you think it was stolen in the post? My first guess would be that someone forgot to pack it…


    Wait and see what they say.

    Probably a Friday afternoon job.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Tbh bars are so light they may not have realised they weren’t in the box when they sent it.


    I had this with things missing, it turned out the local sorting office was turned over and the post office where keeping it low key. I complained to the office manager and he tried to fob me off saying go back to your sender , but as he had sign off from the sorting office and the sorting office manager new this their was little i could do. So i wrote to the head office in london who looked into why the van in their yard was not reported to the police (inside job obviously) They sent me a load of postage stamps, and unmarked packages where sent to me to see if they where getting through. I never got my original order or a few cds from amazon but the sorting office must of got into deep poo over the cover up.


    I will wait to see what the shop says, I don’t think they would have sent as two packages because the other 2 items were quite small and it is in a bar sized box. Plus there is a warranty card for the bars in the box but no actual bars. Alot of foam bits in there so it could be they just forgot to put them in.

    I’m just wondering what will happen if the shop says it posted them and I didn’t receive them….?

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    My money is on it will all be fine. Certainly don’t mention the word “stolen” when you ring up though 😉

    Premier Icon teethgrinder

    If they have been twoc’d, it is just RM being their usual, efficient selves.

    Premier Icon slowoldgit

    IIRR it’s the sender that has to complain. RM used to say their contract was with the sender.


    What does the delivery note say, was the box big enough to take a set of bars

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