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  • IT recruiters in York, Leeds, Edinburgh, Sheffield recommendations please
  • Premier Icon MadBillMcMad
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    As it says on the tin.

    Any IT software development recruiter recommendations that have knowledge of York, Leeds, Edinburgh or Sheffield areas please.

    Or someone looking for a nice fresh grad.

    My lad is a fresh grad with a BSc 1st in Computer Science now looking in roughly these areas

    Premier Icon intheborders
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    If he isn’t on LinkedIn, he needs to be.

    Then spend some time advertising himself.

    Premier Icon russianbob
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    Lloyds Banking Group worth a look.

    Premier Icon WorldClassAccident
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    TCS (Tata Consultancy Services are global and looking. I have three more grads to interview this week.

    Premier Icon Aidy
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    I wouldn’t bother with recruiters. I’ve been working in IT for a while, and I’ve had zero luck with them. Get on a few job sites and apply for a few things, would be my advice.

    Premier Icon StuF
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    We’re not quiet in those areas (Leicestershire) but looking for software devs. Happy to pass on his details

    Premier Icon toby1
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    As a person who has had 2 new jobs in the sector this year I tend to chose a company and go with that, I’ve not used recruiters ever as far as I can remember.

    CompSci is a wide term, does he have an area of interest, dev, networking, machine learning/data science. Anything that pays?

    Premier Icon sillysilly
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    No need for recruiter if looking for startup / growth stage co…

    1. Find company he wants to work for.
    2. Send cover letter and CV / Linked in profile with link to GitHub / any projects he has done on the side.

    He will get a job. Any decent / interesting co is finding it hard to recruit devs right now. Going direct will save them 20-30%.

    If looking for Large co simply apply to Grad scheme and also avoid recruiters.

    Can work remote + interested to play with REST / GraphQL API’s but needs training then DM me!

    Has qualified with a comp sci degree but doesn’t know what GitHub or API is. Use a recruiter, they will still get him a job somewhere 😂

    Premier Icon dannybgoode
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    Highly recommend Ally at LEA Recruitment –

    Lovely lady who does a proper recruitment job and with lots of contacts in the North West and Sheffield areas.

    Premier Icon jolmes
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    Tech grad Scheme opened up at Aviva in York, applying now for start next Sept

    Premier Icon docrobster
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    Surely if it’s in IT the location is irrelevant? My daughter’s boyfriend started a graduate software development job or something along those lines with accentia ( ?sp) in Newcastle a few weeks back. He’s not been to the office yet…

    Premier Icon Mackem
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    My old company regularly take on graduates from NorthCoders – might be worth a look. (York)

    Premier Icon scuttler
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    If his compsci degree included any data science, get him to brush up on practical applications of data science (some of the AWS tools are a good place to start) and go and chase that. ££££££££££.

    Premier Icon lunge
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    Find company he wants to work for.

    Don’t underestimate how hard that is for someone not currently in the industry. There’s an argument to say that’s exactly why you use a recruiter, as they do know the companies and who is looking for what.

    Premier Icon northernmatt
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    What is it he’s looking for? We have a few openings at our place that can be remote, office is based in Lincoln.

    If you want drop me a pm and I’ll send you the details.

    Premier Icon IA
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    The suggestion to have stuff on GitHub is a good one. Almost anything at all he’s done, or does in his own time – it will stand out.

    Oh, and meaningful commit messages. I always go peek under that particular rug, can be informative about how a person will work in a team.

    Premier Icon MadBillMcMad
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    Thx all, Appreciated.

    I will get hold of his latest CV & pass on to those that have offered & send him a link to here.

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy
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    Surely if it’s in IT the location is irrelevant?

    Not really, post-pandemic a lot of companies will require staff to be in the office a certain number of days per week (it will be one day per week for me but thankfully they keep postponing the return to office date).

    Also there’s certain security cleared roles you just can’t do remotely (by the way, anyone that’s starting out in IT now should keep security clearances in mind, the employer should fund going through clearance and it opens up a lot more roles and IME takes you out of redundancy pool selections when there’s a down turn…)

    Premier Icon yourguitarhero
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    IT recruitment agencies in Edinburgh:

    Hydrogen group
    Henderson Scott
    McFall Recruitment
    Head Resourcing

    I’d recommend going into IT at a financial services company. The pay is significantly higher than other industries and financial services places only really take people with experience in financial services so hard to get into later. Good way to get started

    Premier Icon teaandbiscuit
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    For a slightly different perspective, have you heard of Grayce? They take on graduates as devs or change people and offer them on a placement basis to businesses with a view to permanent roles later. I nearly used one of their grads and was really impressed, but went a different way in the end.

    It’s a really good model and one I wish I had known about before!

    Premier Icon MadBillMcMad
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    Thanks again all.

    I have responded direct to those that have kindly messaged me & sent him this link for him to trawl the help.

    Grayce – no not heard about that but as I am too recruiting for a grad I will also take a look.

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