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  • IT Help: downforeveryoneorjustme – How does it work?
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    Looks like my website is offline (again). Three different computers on three different IP addresses get a blank page. says I am online and I can ping the URL so it is not a DNS issue.

    Does just ping a website or is there more to it (there does not seem to be anything else to the website, no FAQs, Support etc)

    Changes of hosting company ownership mean getting in touch with them is a pain so any clues I can get will help


    It’s all to do with dwarves. The downforeveryoneorjustme server gets a bearded dwarf (they from middle earth) to check your site from Johannesburg. He then reports back using sea fishes and squids that swim an ocean relay at high speed from the Cape of Good Hope, up the Atlantic to London, whereupon confirmation is relayed to you via the world wide interwebs. Occasionally the message can get mixed up, which is why you may be experiencing problems.


    Did you clear the cache before pinging it again?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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