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  • It feels so wrong, but at the same time, so right
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    As much as i enjoy mountain biking i am seriousley tempted by an SS/fixie bike

    If i ever get another job i presume i’ll be cycling to work (looking more and more like the car will have to go) and i really fancy something like this

    I know i shouldn’t, but i can’t help myself (and not because i’m trying to follow some trend, i’ve always loved these bikes simple lines)

    Premier Icon simonralli2
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    I’d say when it comes to choosing your bike, never apologise, never explain. Who wants to ride a bike based on what other people think you should be riding?! Go get it and enjoy the summer 😀

    Premier Icon johnners
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    Looks like a giant’s been borrowing a dwarf’s bike.

    Premier Icon PJ266
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    Looks AMAZING.

    Premier Icon alpin
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    you’re missing out over on this side….

    Premier Icon epicyclo
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    That’s a great setup for anyone who likes to keep an eye on the wear rate of their front tyre.

    Premier Icon Eccles
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    The scene, a field in Somerset, early July: Charge Bikes R&D meeting:

    Dirt Jumper 1: “Oi ‘ad some townie come up to I other day I did”
    DJ 2: “Ooar? After the festival were it?”
    DJ1: “a’s roight, Anywayz, ee sez ‘ ere mate, giz a go in your privy and I’ll give you fifty quid, looked roight desparate ee did.”
    DJ2: “Fifty quid? Bloody city folk, pay anything for any old crap ‘ey’ll”
    DJ1: “Well that’s what I fort, innit? So I sez seventy five like, and we’ll say no more about it”
    DJ2: “Proper job, that. So what are we gonna do with all this scaffolding and that stem you ran into a wall last week then?”

    Premier Icon CountZero
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    Lol @ Eccles. Cake?

    Premier Icon samuri
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    Now I like fixies,and road bikes and while that bike has a lot going for it, it just gets crazy at the front. The front wheel is about three feet in front of the rider so it’ll steer like a barge and to counteract that they’ve stuck a crazy assed stem on it to try and make it feel normal, which it won’t.

    It won’t matter too much mind because it’s got no brakes so shortly after hitching a leg over it, the usual target rider will be dead.

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