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  • It could have been a child’s face!
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    Love the one at the end. “Muuuuum….**** this I’m off!!”

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    The bloody magpies where testing the defences of all “MY” chicks yesterday.

    bluetits ,robins & blackbirds!

    I won’t go this far…


    Prequel and sequel

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    That is for posting that. Strangely enough I picked up some robin egg fragments on my ride this morning.

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    A combination of cats, magpies and woodpeckers appears to have decimated our garden bird population – nest boxes have lain empty.  We replaced our boiler and hadn’t got around the block the old overflow pipe hole in the exterior wall – a family of Great Tits have now moved in!

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    We’ve had an influx of cats but they’re all townie cats- ours is the sort of area people move to to have kids. So they are absolutely zero threat to the birds and can coexist peacefully but still I think it’s put a lot of them off, no nests this year and it’s mostly just starlings and Obese Pigeons feeding. But I like the cats too much to chase them off.

    Also we have 2 properly middle class magpies- I think I’m so used to seeing threadbare urban magpies that are basically airborne foxes, I’d forgotten what lovely animals they are when they’re in good trim. Even if they do steal all the mealworm.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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