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  • IT bods- rate my processor
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    Haven’t paid much attention to the progress of technology in the past few years but the time has come to replace my trusty old Athlon XP2000+ with something more in keeping with the 21st century.

    Looking at laptops with either a Pentium B960 2.2 GHz processor or a Core i3 2328 2.2 GHz. Both will be running 8GB RAM. Mostly they will be completely untaxed, but occassionally I’ll be doing some video processing which is where my Athlon & P4 units are struggling.

    Persuade me as to which will be better please.

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    Benchmark scores suggest the i3 2328, all other things being equal.

    (2660 vs 1896)

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    Pentium B960 = 1896 passmark points
    i3 2328m = 2662 points, so a fair bit faster. Also probably better power usage as it’s ‘m’ designated (though I haven’t checked the specs)

    edit: damn you stuart 🙂

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    Cheers. Pretty much what I thought. Ordered a Lenovo with i3, 8 GB RAM & 500GB HDD for £300 with Win 8. Hopefully I should notice some difference 🙂

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