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    Right I have a project to design an active directory environment. No big deal on the actual technical design side, but what is something new for me is creating the documentation for explaining the design and overview etc.

    I winder if anyone has created such documents, or has access to such documents that they could let me have a look at?


    I used to be a technical author, and now create all sorts of information design and design documentation … what format/style does your doc need to be in, and how will it be delivered?


    You’ve visited Microsoft’s web site, yes? Full of very helpful documentation around design documentation.

    Are you looking for a business case style of documentation? To help justify why you are doing it?


    There’s a lot you can do with the command line tools to create a report of the current configuration and content of Active Directory. Combining that with the AD Connector in MS Visio could give some documentation that can be re-run on regular occasion and not be too horribly out of date.

    Pretty much every other way I have seen it done is pointless at best.

    Rachel (lapsed MCSE)


    This is part of what I’m studying now. I have the mcsa on my kindle and it’s all on there with links to MS website so check on there.

    Sorry mcts exam study material is what I have.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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