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  • Issues with Superstar floating rotors and XT M575 brakes?
  • sambob

    Have you made sure the rotors aren’t contaminated? That’d explain none of the pads working.

    Now I’ll be the first to jump down SS’s throat about rotors (for me they were always off centre-ie the bolt holes werent in the middle) but that wouldnt in any way explain what you’re experiencing.

    So are the F and R equally as bad? Are the brakes new? The rotors? Pads?


    I bought some M575 brakes, and some Superstar floating rotors (203 front 180 rear)

    I am having real trouble getting them to be any good at all at stopping me, even after changing pads multiple times, multiple types. I have asked the guy at the local bike shop, and he says that it is the superstar rotors.

    Firstly, he thinks the sizes of the rotors may be too big to get heat in, and secondly the materials Superstar use arent good enough to use.

    I can imagine the rotor size issue could be a problem… but surely not to the extent where I really cant slow down at any speed?

    Secondly are Superstar rotors that bad? I can usually find references to problems on the internet that people have posted, but I see hardly any when I look – is he correct or not with Superstar being pants?


    My SS rotors wore out in about a week – to be fair they offered to examine them for a possibly warranty but wanted the pads as well – which I had thrown away.

    Buy cheap buy twice I suppose


    Have got some Superstar 180/160 floaters with J3s and they are actually pretty good

    No issues with geometry or materials or anything like that. Took the old rotors off, bolted the new ones on, job done.

    Superstar Kevlar pads on the back, Avid sintered on the front they work fine for me

    Premier Icon captaindanger

    Sounds like rubbish to me, surely all rotors are made out of similar stainless steel, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all exactly the same, and if they needed to warm up before working hten you wouldn’t be able to stop for the first few goes in a ride until your rotors had warmed up!

    Clean thoroughly with IPA and make sure your pads are bedded in


    you are half right captaindanger. whilst the composition in terms of the type of steel is fairly similar, the hardening techniques used on rotors allow for a real spread of different material properties.

    if the rotor’s are heat treated to a higher hardness rating, their longevity is increased but they generally won’t have as good a level of braking performance.

    it’s finding a balance between too durable and too soft that is the harder part.

    Formular rotors are pretty much the softest from the factory with their HRC at around 40, this gives them pretty good braking power, but a lower use life. hayes are up at around 45, so pretty stiff.

    it would be interesting to see what HRC superstar’s rotors are though to see if even has anything to do with the OP’s braking problems.

    some info on hardness for anyone that’s interested:

    Do your brakes need bled? If you have air in the system this will explain why you have poor performance regardless of discs or pads.

    (I run Superstar floaters 203F/160R and absolutely love ’em!)


    I’m not superstar bashing here (can’t fault their kevlar brake pads and use many of their bits on my bikes) but there’s something just not quite right with their floating rotors.

    I had the exact same issue when I put a 180/160 floating combo on my trek fuel with xt m775 brakes. There just didnt seem to be 100% power and that was with them fully bled and both pads and disks cleaned with IPA.

    I persevered with the disks when I replaced brakes with m785s shortly after – again, just didn’t feel right and I wasn’t getting anywhere the braking performance people were raving about on here.

    Finally gave in and bought the non-ice tech shimano floaters (RT76 i think) a few months ago – absolute night and day the difference is massive!

    Sorry to say that in this case you need to offload the disks and buy something better.

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    I have the floating rotors with Tech M4s, replacing work out hope floaters.

    Whilst they are uber bling in white, I must admit that braking performance is not as good. Not massively dramatic, but deffo not as good.

    I have ordered proper Hope rotors again.



    Cheers for this all

    I have bled and re bled the brakes, changed pads etc and still nowhere.

    Will try and get the rotors clean in case it is contamination on them. The braking power at the moment isnt just a bit off – its totally pants!

    Listening to you all it sounds like superstar aint great, but they should at least work a bit. Mine dont! Will try cleaning them with IPA (Indian Pale Ale right?) and see where I am at.

    If all else fails – looks like new rotors!

    Thanks all


    Premier Icon bigdean

    My superstar rotors are great (203f 180r) ive got some slightly watered down oven cleaner to clean the rotors whenever i work on the wheel. Sounds like there contaminated.

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