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  • Issue 77 picture fail or have Turner……
  • Premier Icon Ben_mw

    Just noticed that myself Chris

    Premier Icon tommid

    Just one of the many editorial issues I notice each month (I am such a geek).
    I blame Chipps… 😆


    bought out Singular?
    or is it just me being thick….. (answers on a postcard!)

    See the Singular Buzzard review ….

    Premier Icon singletrackgrace

    Just to clarify, Turner have not bought out Singular, and it is a mess up with images, which I apologise for. This has been rectified in the digital versions of the issue.

    Thanks for noticing this, it’s good to see that the readers have such an eye for detail.

    I designed the mag (usually it’s Sim, who has done a fine job for 8 years). It is the first substantially-sized magazine I’ve ever designed, having been out of uni for 3 months. We all have to start somewhere. I’ve learned my lesson and it won’t happen again. Hope this contextualises the situation a bit more. Thought I’d explain it and apologise so speculation doesn’t spread further and it having a negative impact on neither Turner nor Singular.

    I’m going back to designing web ads with hamsters, and making Chipps wear a wig etc. now so no need to worry about future issues.

    Thanks for reading.

    Premier Icon shortcut

    Aside fir that minor glitch I happen to think this months issue looks remarkably good! Keep it up.


    Happens to all us designers at some point, very gracious of you to admit it, but buck stops with picture editor or art director, not junior designer 😉

    Ace issue btw, feels better quality all round.

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