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  • Issue 74
  • Dibbs

    I got back home to Taunton at 04:30 this morning, after a week in Bucharest and issue 74’s just dropped through the letterbox, I think a nice lazy day is in order.
    Flippin cold, here what have you lot bin doing with the weather while I’ve been away, I may have to turn the heating on.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Another great issue! STONKING photography especially of Scotland, jaw-dropping stuff. * me wants to go *


    Meh – you keep turning down invitations….

    Premier Icon Drac

    Yup mine arrived about 9 not opend it yet though.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    druidh – I’m sorry but am hoping that next year will be a better year! Still not riding and am grumpy as can be!

    Premier Icon binners

    I was going to say I hope mines arrived when I get home, but that would distract my attention from football, which isn’t allowed for 2 weeks 😀

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    No sign of the postie yet. It is possible he has fallen into one of the monster puddles forming in the street along with my copy.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I did think the cover was rather rubbing in the fact that current riding conditions around me are somewhat sub-optimal.


    Mines sat next to me on my desk… going for a ride before I read it through… 😉

    Great news that some of you have already received your copies. If you haven’t as yet that’s normal, as we expect delivery (within the UK) of up to 10 working days from publication date – Friday.

    We expect the majority of issues to land this week. I understand it’s frustrating to be left waiting when your pals have theirs, however this is a limitation of the UK mail/mag distribution system rather than any reflection on us or our printers.

    We’re flattered you’re chomping at the bit waiting for your print copy. If you really can’t wait, remember as a subscriber the digital edition is available to download from the mag archive now

    If your magazine hasn’t arrived by Friday 22 June give me a shout

    Premier Icon The Pinkster

    Mine flopped through the letter box at lunchtime, won’t be opening it till I get back home though.

    Premier Icon budgierider67

    Another great issue! STONKING photography especially of Scotland, jaw-dropping stuff. * me wants to go

    Me too!

    Incidentally, the Applecross website link at the end of that article is the wrong one. It directs you to an Edinburgh property site.


    Postie arived at 1.30’ish. Std. procedure around here…
    Issue 74 did not arrive with said postie.
    No sweat, again, that’s std. procedure around here – normally arrives max. 48 hours after the first ‘I’ve got mine’ posting on here.
    Silly thing is, I’ve had access to it for days via the archive but I much prefer to have a magazine in my hand…

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    And some less costly stuff reviewed as well.

    Ta. 🙂

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    So the postage has been cocked up again then?

    You wouldn’t have thought it was that hard, a post saying that there was a problem or that the mags had even been dispatched would have been useful.

    Hi there Speshpaul

    Seems to be crossed wires here. To clarify my point, the postage has not been cocked up. Issue 74 was despatched normally. Mags should be with subscribers within the stated timeframe of 10 working days from publication. That said, Royal Mail are currently changing the way they deliver magazines, so we would not be suprised if this resulted in short term delays.

    We responded to this thread as soon as we saw it. If you need to bring something to our attention, please contact the office directly.

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    “within the stated timeframe of 10 working days from publication.”
    thats a new one. not heard that before.

    Why so long? thats about 4th case mail. (others seem to manage a much shorter lead time,)

    “please contact the office directly”
    whats wrong with the forum? allows everyone to see your response.

    I thought STW was making a big thing out of subscriders as thats the new newsagent, why is the service slowing down?


    I agree with c_g, some jaw-dropping and inspirational pictures of Scotland. The article on the Pennine bridleway which is closer to home for me also had me thinking. We do have some great out of the way places in this supposedly ‘overfull’ country.

    All I need is a bikepacking friend to go with…. 😥

    Thanks for the positive feedback about the Torridon feature, folks. It really was an amazing place, and I’m angling to get back for a proper holiday as soon as I can. Thanks for pointing out that the URL we printed for the village website is wrong, it should be Many apologies both to residents, visitors and Eskgrove Homes, who are probably wondering why they now have some rather odd referral traffic!

    On delivery of subs copies:

    The magazine went to the printers as planned. Once it leaves the printers, it’s in the hands of Royal Mail. As Jamie says above, Royal Mail are currently switching all their press services from Pressstream (which no longer exists) to Publishing Mail (if you’d like to be bored to tears you can read about it here).

    As you can see from the responses on this thread, delivery has turned out to be slower to some regions than others while Royal Mail switch their clients (including us) over to the new system. All magazines are currently in despatch, though, having left both Singletrack & Warners as planned, and we expect them to land on subscriber’s doormats within a few days.

    We ask you to wait ten days from the scheduled publication date before contacting us as, with all post, a small percentage of the thousands of magazines we send via Royal Mail are simply delayed, but an even smaller percentage never arrive at all. So, as Jamie says, if your copy of issue 74 has not arrived by 22nd June, get in touch.

    I’m going to close this thread now but leave it sticky, so that anyone wondering why they haven’t got their copy yet can find out why, and what to do about it. Don’t forget that subscribers have access to the digital editions too, though the fact that some of you still want to wait for the print has made me very happy indeed. Thank you 🙂

    Speshpaul, I think we’ve answered all your questions clearly but if you’d like any further information then please email me directly.

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