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  • Premier Icon JohnClimber

    As on the other post 10/10

    Great work to you all


    Jewels of the isle: It’s true about Tebay it really is the best service station ever!

    Loving the new mag. My only complaint (that isn’t really a complaint) is that I keep trying to separate what I think are two pages when there is only one! Damn you higher quality paper!

    Enjoyed reading the feature on being a new parent which is highly relevant right now.

    Good work fellas and ladies!


    Count me as one of the very happy/impressed. Thank you and well done! It can’t be easy to produce within the budget constraints and as such, the ad’s are clearly justified.

    The ad’s have good quality images too 🙂

    Additionally, I was very interested to read Mr Worlands article, being initially sceptical in so far as the mainstream WMB ‘Tech Ed’ would be tempted to bring along the WMB/MBUK ‘values’ and ‘ethos’ into the STW arena…. I’m delighted to say that I’ve found his article refreshingly honest and thought provoking and my scepticism unfounded.

    Oh, my copy arrived totally unmarked, unscathed and in PWO!

    Thanks again.

    Premier Icon StirlingCrispin

    Sorry guys – unimpressed.
    Just cancelled my subs – read some of the articles and wondered if I was reading WhatMTB (the angles and family cycling article in particular).

    I don’t keep back issues, passing them onto kids in the street, so the
    extra quality and price does not excite me (also noticed creased pages).
    I’ve read every issue from #4 too!


    Mine still hasn’t arrived 🙁


    +1 for loving the new look.


    I picked mine up from WHSmith’s yesterday and it is a great magazine but Privateer say they want their graphic designer back 🙂

    Singletrack has always been a good magazine (issues 69&70 aside although it appears that you were distracted) and the new format is a big improvement on the formula. I like the broader view of cycling taken as well.

    My problem now is that I have never ever subscribed to a magazine and I didn’t think that I ever would, I am very tempted but I have a feeling that it would only last the twelve months if I did. If it dissapears from WHSmith’s then I may become an ex reader we will see.

    Premier Icon Mark

    Here’s our plan (being implemented as I type)..

    Subscribe to the site for £2/month with the option to stop at any time.
    If while you are subscribing to the site we put out a mag that you would like to read, then apart from being able to read it in the Mag Archive (download it, ePub, Kindle, Mobile.. whatever) you will, as a subscriber, be able to order a copy directly from us at a much cheaper price than the high street.

    So, subscribe for £2… get access to everything Premier, including the Mag Archive…. then pick and choose which print mag you want to read and get it cheaper than the high street.

    Premier Icon binners

    Absolutely loving the look of the new mag. Only had time toread a bit of it so far, but its all good.

    Its a bold move, doing what you’ve done. It deserves to succeed

    Premier Icon I_did_dab

    I keep trying to separate what I think are two pages when there is only one! Damn you higher quality paper!

    +1 on that. I like it…

    Premier Icon Mark

    Apologies for the thicker paper. Unfortunately you will just have to get used to it 😉



    Since my ish 72 arrived a day after many, to avoid waiting, I downloaded it and read it on my tablet. TBH I was really disappointed – I felt that the fanfare about the relaunch was just hype and that really it was a pretty average issue.

    Then my mag arrived yesterday and I read it again and thought it was really quite good actually. So, yet again, the electronic version of the mag just isn’t doing it for me while exactly the same content in physical form is hitting the spot.

    I really think that if you’re going to push the electronic versions, you’re going to have to do more to make the e-version specific to that format as it just doesn’t work as it is, for me at least.


    Now that it’s in less shops, is there any way of finding out who the local stockists are?

    Premier Icon timmys

    I love the new mag, looks great and is a credit to the staff. The article on Queenstown made me so want to be back there.

    PS. If I’m allowed to point these things out they seemed to be a typo in the Spicy review – the title said it was a 916 but the pics/pricing were definitely a 516.

    Premier Icon singletrackjay


    … and anyone else looking for a local copy, you can get it Here


    As far as first impressions go, I love the new mag. (It looks really heavyweight and arty, like a Howies catalogue!)It feels much better quality, is nicer on the eyes, superb quality photos and the articles look promising. (I haven’t read any of it yet, because I’m finishing off a really gripping novel at the moment and it’ll have to wait a bit!)
    I’m happy to pay a bit more for it, as it’s the only magazine (of any type) I buy now. I’ll certainly stay on as a subscriber.
    Great job!

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