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  • Premier Icon sparkerfix

    Can someone point me in the direction of the gpx route for Preseli hills in issue 72? Ta. Click on the link for singletrack com/gps Get to a redirect to mag archive then back to square one. Am I missing something?


    I bought an iPad today, and have just downloaded issue 72 in high res (always used low res on my phone). It’s the nuts. The photography looks magnificent in HD. Good stuff people.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    I like it, subscription ahoy…

    Premier Icon tomaso

    I can report that the print stays on the paper better than the previous editions’s glossy print when reading in the bath – no more wet thumb smears :mrgreen:


    Having purchased the new issue i am suitably impressed. Will i continue to buy it after the price hike? Not sure but then im a casual buyer rather than a subscriber.

    Can’t really moan about the price, i have been known to blindly purchase Wax Poetics and that clocks in at about a tenner – just seems to be the way magazines are going

    Premier Icon themightymowgli

    Its a bit too nice to read on the long drop

    Premier Icon JoeG

    As a US subscriber, mine arrived on Friday.

    I liked the old magazine and IMO it wasn’t broken, but I was curious to see the new version. I guess that I like the new format; it reminds me a bit of the new Switchback magazine, but it weighs at least 3x as much! I like the cover shot, but the fact that it wraps around the spine and back cover is of little interest to me. I’d rather have the Title, Issue #, Date, etc. on the spine I think. This issue has a nice mix of articles; the weather here was unseasonably beautiful this weekend so I haven’t read many of them yet!

    The new size is very similar to most US magazines; the old was much taller. I really don’t have a preference either way. The paper in the old mag was already a better grade than most other magazines, so going to an even heavier grade makes me worried that the added weight will make overseas subscriptions prohibitively expensive though.

    I too noticed some minor creasing of the pages inside. It was most noticeable on the large photos. My guess is that it was not shipping damage, but a printing problem. I say this as both covers arrived in pristine shape and were perfectly smooth, but many pages inside were slightly creased. Definitely a First World Problem!!!

    I’m looking forward to the next issue.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Loving this issue, but the jury’s still out on the paper. Since the bath is the most common spot for my ST reading, having an issue that (a) is not too heavy to hold and (b) can be folded back on itself easily is quite an advantage. Content is the priority though, and I’m pleased to say that has improved recently. Good on you


    I think this new version is what I think the Mag should always have been.

    I’ve always been a casual buyer influenced by content rather than “must have” syndrome. Last year I think I bought 6 Mags, for some reason I just didn’t come across it in WHS so bought, amongst other things, Privater and have just spotted a new American MTB version of “peloton” which looks interesting..

    But what draws me to STW is the content, most of your features are an excellent read, funny, inspiring, witty, in depth and some just silly. This is what I like, I’m not a huge fan of tests TBH, whats right for one is wrong for another but when you test you seem to add some human element into it. Last months “privater race bikes” was excellent and has to be said a huge “whooop” for including girls in the test, well done you.

    I’m a big fan of the travel features, whether they be local or adventure trail stuff, I just love reading about others adventures and route guidance inclusion is fab.

    So what with the price increase imminent I still think I’ll buy STW, can’t really say the extra few pence is going to make that much difference TBH.

    Keep the content and I’ll keep buying.

    Premier Icon wynne

    I’ve been a fan and occasional buyer since the outset and was bought a subscription last year (which is just about to run out).

    I’m in my late 30s. It seems to me that the magazine is getting a bit middle-aged bloke. It might be that I’m in denial about getting older, but for one reason or another the mag isn’t speaking to me any more.

    Hats off to you for the brave visual/tactile changes to the magazine (which I think are a big improvement). For me though it’s the content that’s failing to engage. I’m not interested in pretend vicars, tea shops, child rearing and bike riding on the other side of the world – all delivered in a matey style.

    I might take an online subscription as I do appreciate skills, technical equipment and ride information.

Viewing 10 posts - 81 through 90 (of 90 total)

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