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  • Flat Pedal Shoes Buyer’s Guide: MTB Kit Essentials
  • rhaamonkey
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    Waterproof socks are the single best invention of all humankind. massivley reccomend whatever you ride

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    sometimes I feel like the only sane person in a mad world… shoes for mountain biking in, with laces and no flap to cover them? Got fed up years ago with tucking laces in, and them being covered in mud.

    Run Shimano shoes as they have a lovely big flap that stays firmly in place

    Am I the only person who considers this a deal breaker?

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    No vaudes?

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    No Shimano! 😳

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    Hey Singletrack team,

    Which pair were the stiffest?

    Thanks very much,


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    What makes a great pair of flat pedal shoes? And, more importantly, who is delivering? Here are the best flattie pumps around.

    By singletrackmag

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    Flat Pedal Shoes Buyer’s Guide: MTB Kit Essentials

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    old school Hi-top Vans from TK Maxx – 24.99

    I know, many people want a stiffer flat pedal shoe, but I love these.

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    510 did do a flat pedal shoe with a lace flap enclosure. When it’s really foul out, they are my go-to shoe coupled with some waterproof socks.

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    Wondering which give the best grip on wet grass?

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    Those endura ones are really stiff. Almost too stiff

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    @redsnail – would that be the Karver? The Chris Kovarik signature shoe?
    I still want them to rerelease the 1st or 2nd generation Impacts or Sam Hills. They were the best. Until then I’ll stick with my Freeriders for proper riding and some cheap Vans for mucking around at the pump track

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    Yes. The Karvers. They have a bit more protection and most of the mud stays out of the laces. 🙂
    I still have a pair of Sam Hill’s. 🙂

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    What a shame Five Ten bought out the ideal winter boot but put a not very grippy sole on them .

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    A yellow ikea bag! One to tick off the list.

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    They never let me have one 🙁

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