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  • Issue 1 of Singletrack World Magazine Now Available
  • stwhannah
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    Chipps’ editorial sets out a bit about what the original crew were hoping to achieve with Singletrack World, and why they started it.

    By stwhannah

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    Great to see.
    Unsure where I saw issue 1 but have enjoyed all the issues.

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    issue 1 had a bike test by Brant.
    planet x hardtail ideal for taking abuse. the bike that led to most of my bike choices since.

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    Thanks for putting this up.
    A truly great read. The optimism and joy of creating a magazine shines through.

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    Loved reading the Maverick review.
    I still have my ML7.5 as my main full susser and it still makes me smile every time I ride it.
    It now has 1 x 11 which was one of the best mods I have done.

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    I think I saw issue 1 of Singletrack in the old cafe at Coed y Brenin, presumably when I was camping near Dolgellau for a couple of weeks after participating in Sleepless in the Saddle back in 2004. I was a Johhny-Come-Lately to the magazine, not finding it until issue 7, so it was interesting even back then to see where it all started!

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    Have every issue, stored around the house. Singletrack has followed us through decades of riding, be great if you can keep the magazine going, it’s gets harder with age for all of us too keep riding…

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    That’s me on the front cover… :-)

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    Wow… I have just found a few print copies of issue 1.
    One is signed. A few are good. And a couple are scruffy.
    Linky linky

    Singletrack 1st Issue – inc 1x signed copy

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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