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  • I had exactly this with my Canyon delivery. Took under 12 hours to get from Germany to Basildon. Then three days from Basildon to Dartford. Welcome to the UK!

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    I like the ones that tell you they can’t trace it as the parcel hasn’t been delivered. Well that’s very handy thanks.


    DHL picked up my parcel at tea time yesterday in Italy, and it’s already in Inverness!

    Probably take a week to get the 65 miles to FW mind.

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    Only great if the delivery company updates properly or actually carries out the last update (DPD particularly useless), still waiting for parcel that was due yesterday, updated the site after 7pm last night to say they couldn’t find my address (ring me then you have my mobile!!) out for delivery again today, due between 8 and 12, still waiting, they used to be very good but the last 3 parcels delivered by them have been an absolute nightmare, will not be shopping with anyone that uses them in the future, really poor service.


    Yeah, TNT tracking has been down all morning. Just managed to get a response and it said they attempted delivery but nobody home.

    LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr………….

    I had one from DHL that was coming down from Liverpool to me here in northants. After 3 days it was at a sorting station in Birmingham with note stating ‘delivered to wrong depot’. I checked a day later to see it had then gone down south to the ‘correct’ depot in Exeter to then be delivered back further up north to me in northants 2 days later. Sometimes it’s just better not to know.


    DPD took 5 days getting my parcel from here to Germany (4 of which were spent in the UK!). The same parcel took 2 days travelling from Germany to here.

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