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  • 101andy

    Me and a mate are heading up to Arran over the easter weekend.

    Can anyone with local knowledge recommend a couple of good routes – plenty of natural singletrack I understand.

    Also, recommendation for accommodation would be useful. Nothing fancy required, clean and comfy, near to a good pint (Bike storage is a plus)

    Thanks in advance

    I went there to do my gold DofE expedition last year. most of it was off any sort of path but there are probably some decent routes around the north part of the island – they are likely to get very steep. all the rest I think is basically fire roads in the forests to the south. there are not a great deal of paths around to my knowedge. If there is a shop on the island you might be able to ask them or have a look on here on the OS maps.
    I would recommend going to glenashdale falls as they are quite impressive

    Give Gerard at Arran Bike Club a shout;

    He’s been the instigator on all the trail building over there and really helpful and enthusiastic about showing “mainlanders” round the local trails. Loadsa nice, natural stuff over there to ride. He’ll also provide info on accommodation.



    Thanks Ross. Had a look on the Arran Bike Club site earlier. Will mail Gerard in the morning 🙂

    I’ve done a lot of biking on Arran over the last 4 or 5 years, great place to ride and relax. We did an end to end off road last year, including the road ride to get to the most northerly point, it was 88km, absolutely superb. Gerard will point you in the right direction, as said above.

    In terms of accomodation, the best place to stay on the island IMHO is the Glenartney hotel (more of a large b&b tbh) really great couple that own it, and their son Miles will kick yer arse on a bike!. Can’t recommend it enough, mrs nobeer, me and the wee one go at least once a year.

    And get necked into Arran blonde beer when yer there, best of stuff!!


    Glenartney hotel is owned by a friend of mine called Robbie, so I’m bound to recommend them!

    Arran is a great place, so have fun.


    Glenartney booked. Great advice guys. How many B&B’s have a bike wash !!

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Ohhhh, Arran Blonde 8)
    Fabulous place – had a mate at the old Abernethy Arran centre for three years when we were at Dumfries and Galloway – perfect weekend escape. Great memories of pedalling the string road, with mahooosive winter climbing rucsac of gear in a white out – googles, climbing helmet, ice axes on pack, the works.
    Other memories of some great climbing and skinny dips in summer, with ace gorges to jump into.



    we did this last year – bimble with scenery,628495&st=4&ar=y&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf&dn=821&ax=202355&ay=628495&lm=0

    (*goes on to Kilmory, Lamlash to Whiting bay this is doable in a car)
    we dropped down the distinct sandy zizzag at Glenashdale falls (worth finding the viewing platform at falls, steps with potential, and you’ll see the giants graves), then Whiting Bay , R to Sandbraes (*You have to walk along the beach a little bit after the white road ends on it and find a nearly hidden stile through wood up via another couple of stiles) then out to Kings Cross point on black path (lovely views at point, ancient fort, destroyed WW2 pillbox – there were submarine nets at boths ends between Holy Isle and Arran )and a sandy U shaped cove if you want a swim).

    Keep on coast till fish farm metal jetty, from there you might be able to go back along beach you can certainly walk, not sure on cycling, otherwise up (via their road) and back along 841 along top road and drop down path to Cordon (*which I did in 1963 on a tricyle and mum on a Raleigh shopper), alternatively there is a marked path at the tree line but I can’t vouch for that.

    Other way to Clauchlands point can go to Brodick (*apparently) we stopped just after Clauchlands, as gf is non non technical and it was singletrack.

    beautiful place,

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    what ever you do don’t take the dotted line from brodick to lamlash around the coast with a fully loaded bike and camping gear, it is not fun, it’d be a nice scenic walk mind, but the ridable trail only starts around at the actual point and quicklly turns to road.

    I’ve done some but not much mind mostly road I’ve done on arran, but, glen rosa(up as far as you can go and back) and some tracks around and up goat fell are fun, fairy glen was decent enough short singletrack from memory and there were some built trails on the cycle track between lamalash and whiting bay(never did them though, just saw them on the way round the south of the island) you can reach warp speed on some of the tracks down to whiting bay, have a play in there too around glenashdale falls). Think I’ll head over myself soon now you mention it, been meaning to explore a bit more..

    some routes on here

    Premier Icon allyharp

    I’ve ridden the trails round the cliffs around the Clauchland Hills and really enjoyed them. – the area between points 8 and 9 on this map.

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