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  • Daniel

    I love Islabikes.

    I've not tried the buy back scheme yet, as when one of my sons has grown out of his it's been passed to the younger. They're just great bikes that kids love to ride. That makes it worth it in my book.

    Premier Icon igm

    I think the by back scheme was about 30% of original value less postage – which ties up with the Giants you're looking at. But effectively that's trade-in price so it keeps the private sale price up. Also you can find out from them what they have second hand and get a second hand Islabike from Islabikes – you may have to go to the showroom for that.

    The Cnoc we got for our son was noticeably nicer than the Giant Animator he'd borrowed – lighter and better thought out.


    I've heard (but I might be wrong) that Islabikes sell well on ebay. You could do that rather than count on their buy back scheme.

    b r

    If you buy right, while kids do grow, the bike will grow with them.

    My son at 12 still has his Trek we bought at 7. It has a stem that rotates, short/long pedal 'holes' plus obviously raising the seat.

    It use to be a bit big, now its just a bit small.

    And when they are older, buy a small frame and put 24" wheels on it at first, then 26" as they get bigger.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    I'd wager that they wont give you what they would sell for if you sold yourself.
    I reckon a well looked after Cnoc 14 would go for 2/3 of its new price. They tend to be bought buy people who know bikes, & can appreciate the difference.
    The Wifes friends were sceptical till they saw my lads Islabikes, & how much their kids preffered riding them.
    If your near, the shop in Ludlow is well worth a visit. Nice Cafe next door & Ludlow & its castle is nice.


    There were a fair few Islabikes at the BigBikeBash and that where I converted the wife.
    The weight factor is one of my main reasons along with decent sized brakes.
    Going to make a trip up to there showroom in the next few weeks.

    Premier Icon iainc

    2 boys aged 4 and 7.

    2 Islabikes – Cnoc 16 and Beinn 20. Luckily they will each be used by each kid. I reckon that when I come to sell the Cnoc 16 in a yr or so I will still get probs £60+ for it, which is a pretty good return.


    I know there good, and now the wife has been talked around to my way of thinking, it looks like were about to buy a couple, but before we do, has anyone used there buy back scheme when upgrading ? is it worthwhile or a bit of a gimmick?
    Just wondering as the kids are on a couple of Giant's at the moment, and they seem to be worth about 20-30 quid second hand going by eBay, and they cost over a ton each and are only a year old, and with the way kids grow I don't want to keep throwing cash away.


    You'll get a lot more than that, check out what they go for on ebay


    Anybody got a Cnoc 14 for sale?


    My boy is 2 on Tuesday and I cannot wait to give him his Islabike Rothan. Lovely bit of kit!

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    I reckon you'd get more for an Islabike on ebay than the buy back scheme.

    I couldn't understand why people got so excited about them as swadey jnr got on Ok with Ridgeback and Treks we got him second hand

    His baby sister has now been loaned a Rothan from a mate and it is the most exquisitely thought out little scooter bike – quality build, incredibly light, bars and grips perfectly sized for a little person unlike so many others we have seen and tried.

    Mrsswadey still baulks at the cost – well, she does with any bike related purchase, including the physio treatment for my knee! – but with the resale values on here or ebay, the actual cost is pretty good for what you get.

    And judging by the number of their cross bikes at Shipley Park for the kids races Wednesday night, the bigger bikes are just as good.

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