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  • Islabike beinn 20 and 24 sizing. Norths Staffs / South Cheshire.
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    I do also think that 14″ to 24″ maybe too big a jump.

    our eldest went from 20 large to 26 small. It was a bit of a stretch for a few months but otherwise fine. We did later have to get a 24 for the younger one though as eldest was still on the 26 🙂 When we got the 24, youngest was same height as yours and loved it, that was straight from the 20 large though

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    Ours went from 14 to a small Beinn 20, but they were only just big enough for the 20 when they did. THe eldest stayed on the 20 until he was nearly 9, but he’s not tall by any means.

    It’s tricky isn’t it? Despite always deploring the number of kids you see on bikes that are too big for them and applauding the handling confidence they get from riding bikes that are just the right size… if I was in your shoes I’d be very tempted to go for the 24! The Islabike sizings seem pretty accurate and if you’re right about his height then it’s likely he wouldn’t be on a 20 for long.

    If you’ve got another child in the pipeline then it’s a different matter and I’d think about getting a 20 as it would see a second user.

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    Not a huge help but mine girl went to a 20″ beinn small at 5 and is ready for the 224″now at 7. But my lad whos 5 can ride the beinn easily. I went to Halfords as the girl wants the 24″ carrera abyss boys bike. She likes the colour lol. Anyway i got the lad to try it and tho it was big he hopped on and cycled around on it

    I think as long as hes confident hed be ok on the 24. My lad is more confident than his older sister. Money no object id get him 20 for a year then Go 24 but alas money is an object 🙁

    Gutted he just wont ride his sisters 20 beinn the little sod

    Premier Icon thorlz

    Looking at getting my lad a new bike for Christmass and I have already decides on Islabike again (replacement for his CNOC 14).

    I cant decide on which size though. He is just on the minium sizing for the 24 (127cm tall and 57cm inside leg, he is only 5, will be taller than me bybthe time he is 11 at this rate :@)

    Anyway, being cheecky does anyone have either of these bikes in norths Staffs / South Cheshire that he could try.

    I may drive to Islabike during half term but that is a 3.5hr round trip.

    I do also think that 14″ to 24″ maybe too big a jump. As much as I want the bike to last as long as possible I also want him to enjoying riding it from when he first gets it.

    Does anyone have any experience of this sizing that may help, I will talk to Islabike, but would like some real world input as well (if STW counts as that?)

    Many thanks

    ( dissclaimer:
    I know there are cheaper brands around, but I (yes I) like the quality of his cnoc and he loves riding it. I also admit that I am looking forward to riding more with him as he gets older and don’t want him put off by dragging a pile of heavy pig iron around and thus the ensuing strops that it will bring. Selfish me I know)

    Premier Icon thorlz

    Cheers for the replies.

    After your input and talking to Islabike, a Beinn 24 it is then. I’ll get it ordered in a couple of weeks.

    Cheers again.


    IMO I think it depends on the kind of riding you want to do. My 8yr olds have just moved to 24’s. They ‘can’ ride their Mum’s 26er but if they want a bike they can chuck about on the trails and play with then the lighter 24 is fab.

    They moved to 20″ at 5 and 24″ at 8.


    Hi Thorlz, just seen this thread and thought I’d throw my thoughts in as I was tossed on the horns of a similar as dilemma recently.
    Firstly my eldest daughter measures up pretty much the same as your son and has long since got too big for her cnoc 16. I really should have got her a beinn 20 large months ago but never got round to it as she was happy racing about on the cnoc.
    It was her sixth birthday this week so after much deliberation I ordered her a beinn 24 rather than a 20 large which would have been the best fit for her right now. I adjusted the 24 down as small as possible and she took to it no problems. Is it a little bit big? Yes, slightly, but she can ride it confidently and safely and it will last her beyond next spring when a beinn 20 large possibly wouldn’t.
    I think you have made the right decision…. we are near Leek if you are not sure.

    Premier Icon kelvin

    If you do drive to Ludlow… have lunch there at the food centre next to Islabikes. Make a day of it.

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