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  • Is 'worrying', an age thing, do you think?
  • Rockape63

    I never much worried to anything too deeply, but since Ive hit my 50’s I seem to spend hours awake in bed worrying about bloody everything. Well mostly work stuff to be honest as Ive had a difficult time recently dealing with constant problems, and it has really got me down!

    Anyone else experienced this and if so, how did you deal with it?


    I worry less as I get older, I suppose as it dawns on me how ridiculous life is.

    Self employed?

    Premier Icon mboy

    No, it’s a circumstance/situation thing.

    If anything, I worry less as I’m getting older than I did years ago. With age comes experience after all.

    don simon

    I worry less as I get older, I suppose as it dawns on me how ridiculous simple life is.


    I’m worried that as I get older I’m going to start worrying.


    To be honest, I used to worry a lot during my younger years about anything and everything, to the point of getting panic attacks and really bad headaches. But as I got older, I tended to worry less – even though I’ve had my fair share of problems – I eventually got use to it all, and was able to cope with the difficult and demanding types.

    Sometimes, I suppose problems can arise, if you can’t see light at the end of the tunnel, ie there’s problems every which way you turn. I suppose you need to tackle your work related problems and see what you can do to resolve them. But stress is often a funny thing ie being unable to sleep is a sign of that, and usually you must be working flat out, with miserable people or what have you for that to build up over time. If you can afford to take time off you should. If you’re constantly working late, stop. Sometimes unreasonable demands from employers/customers whatever can make life really difficult. You need to make you’re life more liveable, or if possible change track altogether. If people are pushing you too far and to your limits, you need to get them to back off and be quite assertive about this. I used to let people run me ragged, but not any more. It’s not always easy to get the balance right, but good luck. Can’t say more, not knowing your situation exactly.


    Thanks for that. It’s difficult to explain the issues I’ve had to deal with, but I’ve had to cope and solve a number of issues and the stress has probably got to me!


    i am worried that I wont get older.


    I suppose as it dawns on me how ridiculous life is.
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    i think i sussed that years ago.

    what a feckless existence we live… get up, go to work to earn money so that we can afford to buy stuff that we don’t need, or stuff that we do need but then resent having to spend money on. doing exams so that the rest of our lives won’t be spent in the dole queue. being nice to people you have no interest in. having kids and putting them through the same shit that pisses you off on a day to day basis, and not even asking thier permisson…..

    still, chin up…

    Bloody hell Alpin.

    but then at least we get to enjoy the procreative act and aren’t likely to be hunted by a predator like the rest of nature.

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    Mid Life Crisis perhaps, if you want to call it something.

    Its all just part of the process I expect.

    You can worry about stuff as you get on in years – less time to make good and all that.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    If you’re having a midlife crisis at 50, you’re on for a good innings.

    I was always told that the ‘midlife crisis’ was the start of your second childhood. At nearly 40, I’m still enjoying my first.

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