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  • Is this possible? Hifi/Surround Sound/Sonos Content
  • Hi all.

    We’ve recently moved house and as part of getting the front room done, I’m taking it as an opportunity to refresh our current, basic, surround sound stuff.

    But, I also want to try and include as a minimum, the ability to hook a turntable into the system somehow, and a Sonos Connect.

    Is this possible and what would I need? Can I plug a turntable and Sonos Connect into an AV Receiver and play that through the surround sound speakers?


    For example, could I get something like this:
    and just hook up my DVD player, turntable and Sonos to it?

    You’ll need a pre-amp for the turntable but I don’t see any problems with that setup.

    Having said that, the reciever you linked to has Bluetooth so the Sonos would be redundant.


    Why not just get a receiver with built in WIFI, Bluetooth and do away with the SONOS? No idea about connecting the TT though.


    Will you not get better quality through the sonos and isn’t sonos’s wifi system a lot more robust and capable than using bluetooth, esp if you don’t use that AD2P, or whatever it is ?

    I mention as you do have HiFi in the question.


    Can you not run the turntable into the back of Sonos Connect Amp, and run that to your speakers? I currently run my TV through a connect amp, and sound then comes out of my floor speakers (much better for the rugby etc).

    Not sure if a Connect amp can run surround sound… From memory it just has L and R and sub output (I would assume you can still hook it up to your main speakers, but not get full surround experience).

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    Plug your turntable into one of the AV receiver inputs (via a pre-amp), the receiver should have a stereo setting (my Yamaha does).
    I wouldn’t bother with Sonos. Go with Chromecast Audio, much cheaper. Plug and go.

    If your not bothered about Dolby Atmos Sony 1060 and 860 AV receivers have Chromecast built in.

    Cheers all.

    May have to have a wander to Richer Sounds sometime and ask their opinion as well. I really want it to be Sonos. Our Sony hifi is wifi enabled and its a royal PITA. Rubbish connectivity, the most un-user-friendly interface ever (having to scroll through songs on the hifi screen which means you have to walk across the room to see what you’re selecting etc) etc.

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    I’m a staunch advocate of Yamaha receivers (I’m on my second one now).

    On my old RX-V495, there’s a Phono input which is where you’d connect a turntable, no pre-amp required. Looks like Yam have dropped that feature (on the one you linked to at least), no demand for it these days I presume. Just checked and my current RX-V467 doesn’t have it either, never noticed before. Ho hum.

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    Of course, if you want to buy an RX-V495… (-:

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    Can you not run the turntable into the back of Sonos Connect Amp, and run that to your speakers?

    No. The output from a turntable cartridge is too low (even MM) and there is nowhere to attach the earth either.

    You could do it if you placed a phono pre-amp in between the turntable and the Sonos – there are a few which are pretty small and would do the job.

    Funnily enough, as I wait for a TV to be delivered tomorrow, my mind is now turning to surround sound and how it might integrate with my hifi without filling the sitting room with more stuff….

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    Correct me if i’m wrong or i’ve missed a Sonos App update, but i’m not sure you can connect anything unto a Sonos can you? I think the early gen ones had an Aux in, but the later gen units can only work via the Sonos app and i’m not sure how you can play your turntable, or any other device, through the Sonos app. You could rip your vinyl to MP3 and play it through Sonos, but not as a direct source.

    My Play 1 only has a Cat5 cable connection at the back as an alternative to running it via WiFi.

    If so i’d like to use a Sonos Playbar as the centre speaker for my surround sound system so I can use it as part of my system but also stream music to it via the Sonos App.

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    The sonos connect has an aux stereo phono input in addition to a phono stereo, coax digital and optical digital outputs.

    I have a connect wired into my amp (via phono- the sonos DAC is pretty good) and its superb. The app is so simple to use and will stream anything from anywhere

    Play 5, Connect and Connect Amp all have line in inputs that allow a source to be chosen from the app and streamed over the Sonos network. All are current units. This means you’d put a record on, then choose ‘line in’ from the app and stream around the house. The only control you have if volume, of course.

    Also worth noting the network port is two way, so you can connect a device to it and use the Sonos wireless network. For example my TV and Humax box are using my PlayBar as a wireless hub.

    The only external input to a PlayBar is the optical in, but this upmixes into the 9 onboard speakers to make pseduo surround sound, so it wouldn’t work as a centre only. You can add rear Sonos speakers for wireless surround. Unobtrusive but expensive.

    Davey – would you be adding other Sonos kit? For just one zone a Chromecast is a good alternative and vadtly cheaper. It will do multiroom now too and stream iPlayer, Spotify or Google Play from the app.

    If you connect the deck via a Pre amp to line in on the Connect, as above, you can stream vinyl multiroom, which is cool.

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    The sonos connect has an aux stereo phono input in addition to a phono stereo,

    Phono connectors (aka RCA jacks) do not imply a phono stage. You need an input specifically labelled “phono.”

    3 outputs – optical, coax, RCA
    1 input – Analog RCA, as above, not phono stage:

    With something connected to Line In, you then choose it as a source from the app – right at the bottom of this:

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