Is this guy serious?

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  • Is this guy serious?
  • lazybike

    Easy gear to back peddle….comedy gold


    Maybe it’ll be one of those things that he looks back at and goes d’oh!

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    Christ its not been that dry on the Clywd’s for a long time!


    Sexist using alady who doesnt/hasnt cleaned her bike.

    No PPE in use,

    noisy rear block,

    other brands of bike cleaner are available,

    nice bike stand though,

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Is this guy serious?

    Well the only person to comment on the vid is “fairhurst” well known troll who produced this


    i see

    now looked at other videos of cambell it is serious alright.. 😯


    That guy from Campbell always seems so ridiculously ernest about everything.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Specialist bike cleaning product = solution to a non-existent problem


    “They’re designed to do the job”
    The job being getting rid of dirt. In contrast to every other cleaning product in the world.


    More often than not, washing bikes does more harm than good.

    From Joe’s corner, SCB:

    Q: I’m lazy and lack motivation, what can I do to prolong bearing life?

    A: Stop washing your bike so much.

    We did some experiments with bikes that were washed a lot but ridden infrequently, bikes that were ridden a lot but washed infrequently, and bikes that were both washed and ridden a lot.

    Guess what? Your bike hates only being washed and not being ridden.

    This test group had the worst results. They became creaky and not much fun to be around, much like the people who own bikes like that. Don’t get all angry (you know who you are), you can still wash your bike from time to time – and there are those times where it has to be done after every ride. Everything needs more attention during those times. BUT, maybe you should examine your priorities. It’s a mountain bike. You can get dirt on it. It’s OK.

    Am I too late to patent this?
    1. Wash bike off with low pessure hose to remove mud & grit. DONT rub into frame. Let the water rinse it off..
    2. When mud / grit free wash with bucket of water with some car shampoo in it (kinder to paintwork than fairy liquid).
    3. Hose off to rinse & bounce bike to get rid of excess water.
    4. Dry bike with microfibre cloths (car detailing practice).
    5. Spray mechanical parts (mechs & pedals etc) with Gt85 to displace water.
    6. re-lube chain & fork stanchions when dry….
    Job done ride clean bike…

    And yes very Sexist!


    That was painful.

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