Is this frame a good enough quality or is it gonna fall apart?

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  • Is this frame a good enough quality or is it gonna fall apart?
  • speedsterkid

    hi guys I’ve been looking at this frame and was wondering if it would last as it is soooooo cheap, for carbon. I don’t want to badly injure myself or more importantly loose £300. There have been lots of bad things said about this website and if anyone has any experience on this website it would be good to know if its trust-able. my budget is about £400 so if anyone knows of a better frame for that price it would be good to know as well.
    This link should take you to the website…

    Thanks for all your help guys I appreciate it. 😀


    It has a two year warranty so, in theory, you’ll get at least that out of it.

    Man – sorry – as that’s your second post – and both posts link to promoted stuff- Im saying: SPAM.

    I could be wrong.


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    Why would anyone want a fake Pinarello? Unsafe and not very ethical.

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    Don’t see why it’s spam – first post asking about road wheels, now frames from a different country. Seems innocent.

    Personally I’d happily have a Chinese carbon frame, but I’d get one to their own design, not a complete replica of another manufacturers work!

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    mate of mine runs our lbs, and he has a fake pinarello in waiting for something or other, so i had a quick look at it.
    it looks fine, i havent had a look at a real one, so i cant compare, but certainly it looks really nice.
    But . . .
    its built with ultegra, yet weighs at least as much as my (probably cheaper) 105 equipped alloy cube.
    also, its a fake, i just wouldnt want to.

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    On the same page it says it has a 2 year warranty, a 5 year warranty and a lifetime warranty.

    Nice to know it has soo many warranties..

    Why buy a fake of a fugly overweight overpriced frame? Far nicer fake and ‘own brand’ stuff out there. I bought a carbon seatpost from Aliexpress as much out of curiosity as anything. Seriously considering some carbon wheels based on positive experience and other positive reviews.


    Hi I’d just like to say I’m not spam I just was asking for some opinions from others. And i don’t want to buy anything that’s not as good as what it says on the packet as i don’t have the most money in the world.
    thanks to those who didnt call me spam (especially njee20)


    How about this:
    There are a few others on Planet X’s site that are around your budget.

    Well speedster – if I’m wrong (and it does happen!) then I genuinely apologise.

    But your only other post is ressurecting an 8 month old thread and your reply includes a link which is also strange in my book.

    I’ll duck out of this now and wont say any more on the topic – good luck with your enquiry.

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    For £399.99 you can buy a Dolan l’etape frameset that rides very nicely.


    thanks guys for the opinions. i’m definitely not gonna get the fake poinnarelo now and i will either get the Dolan l’etape frameset or the Holdsworth Trentino Carbon Frameset. and thanks couldashouldawoulda. no hard feelings. buy the way my name speedsterkid comes from the name of my bike (scott speedster 60) (not because i think of myself as amazing because im certainly not) and im a kid (im not revealing my exact age) 😀

    Roter Stern

    I’m not sure about the UK but in Germany the customs would destroy that as copies of other products are not allowed.

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    Nice, but the stays look all bent and stuff.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    On the same page it says it has a 2 year warranty, a 5 year warranty and a lifetime warranty.

    No, it says it comes with LIFE INSURANCE. Which is good, I think I’d want life insurance before riding that thing.

    Still, you pay your money, you make your sagacity choose.


    think merlin had some framesets for 400

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    Personally for £400 I’d rather have a Kinesis or similar..


    If you want cheap chinese, I’d go for one that isn’t trying to pass itself off as something more expensive.

    Hongfu are worth a look but probably a bit more than £300.

    And I bought a Microshift groupset from a seller on Aliexpress before now, so there are some reliable sellers on there.

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    I have a Chinese road frame via Aliexpress from Flyxii, the whole process was painless & your money isn’t released to the seller until you have the frame & have inspected/built it up & ridden it (i think it was 29days Grace from receipt) mine has now done around 500 miles on the dodgy roads around here & I’m very pleased with it so far

    But I’d not have a chinarelo there are just too many of them being sold by everyone
    Filter your search by units sold for a guide to reliable sellerd

    Hi Guys,

    Please, please, please don’t buy a fake Pinarello!

    Ignoring all the safety risks and moral arguments, we’re now having a lot of items seized and destroyed as well as prosecuting the repeat offenders. That’s the full bike seized not just the frame.

    It’s not particularly nice taking someone’s bike off them but if they purchased it knowing it was a fake then there’s really no argument.

    Plenty of cheap legal alternatives.



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