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  • Is this even possible (fork internals content)?
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    I’ve got a set of 100mm 27.5″ Suntour Raidon forks, 32mm stanchions not marked. They’re ok but the rebound/lockout aren’t working that well.

    I’ve also got a set of 32mm U turn revelations 100-130mm with scored stanchions.

    In theory could I swap the internals over so I have the Revelation internals in the Raidon? In practice would they work? I think probably not but I’m curious and think surely someone on STW has done similar!


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    Quite a niche question Kip and to be honest there are a whole host of variables to consider. Are the threads into the uppers even the same for a start? I reckon it’s a long shot.

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    Seems highly unlikely. Modern forks use the outers as part of the system so they are quite integrated. You never know though. Sounds like you need to open up the suntours to service them anyway so you could have a look. Better option might be selling both as spares or repair on eBay and buying something with the money.

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    Modern forks use the outers as part of the system so they are quite integrated.

    That’s actually less so again these days. If the Revs have an old damper like Motion Control there’s little chance as it uses the chassis as you say. OTOH a Charger would just drop straight in assuming the top cap thread was the same (unlikely) and it could be anchored at the bottom (probably quite simple)

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    Just service the damper on the Raidons. If rebound is too firm or too slow you might be able to tweak the oil weight?

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    Ha yes, very niche question Gunz! To be honest I was servicing the Raidons (cleaning them and regreasing, not much else to do) and thought I’d lost a part from the end of the fully sealed remote lockout/rebound unit. Whilst wondering what to do I remembered we had a shot set of Revs and I wondered if the internals were interchangeable. My next obvious thought was “someone on STW will know.”

    I’ll run them as they are and see what to do with them as time goes on. May sell the Revs as Spares or Repair though, good idea nickjb.

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