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  • Is this carbon rim dead?
  • Premier Icon andybrad
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    Basically is it dead?

    I’m thinking of just cracking on tbh and taping it up as thats the worst of it.

    Premier Icon NewRetroTom
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    Sorry, can’t really work out what’s wrong with it from those photos. Looks a bit delaminated around the valve hole? Can you take some better photos?

    Premier Icon boombang
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    If that is the extent of damage I would suggest some resin (not sure which as been 20 years since did any CF work) to contain the loose fibres, clamp it to shape and let it cure off – then clean up edges with a fine file. Any fibres sticking out then cut off and smooth out whole thing.

    Basically need to stop any fraying and flexing. It looks like when the spoke hole was drilled the drill bit caught and tore the CF up.

    Premier Icon dovebiker
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    I’d repair that. Try Easy Composites carbon repair compound – dries black and can be filed and polished. Build it up around the hole to seal all the fibres and use a fine Dremel to shape it back.

    Premier Icon andybrad
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    yup seems like a plan to me.

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