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  • is this a good idea or stupid
  • rickt

    no.. too much hassle, plus.. dont want downhill rubber on a xc bike, 700c wheels, 650b, 29er, plus different rotor sizes…. axle sizes v maxle v QR…

    If it was a hard tail and full xc sus.. guess why not…


    i was thinking
    29er full suss
    29er hardtail

    26incher 150/160
    and 456 hardtail

    dont think if you have 29ers and 26ers you would need the 650b

    can still keep the same rotor sizes
    i dont think its too much hassle, but the rubber might be an issue,hadnt thought of that

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    If you have to ask….

    A few reasons, different frames have different headtube lengths. Be a pain keeping track on the spacers.
    You’d need the same headset (or at least ones that take the same crown race)
    Tire clearance issues
    Uneven wear on the cassette/chains
    Youll get bored of swapping and just leave your favourite one built up.


    if you have to ask….. no need to be sarcastic lol haha
    yes i knew it wasnt a good idea, but i cant bring myself to sell my frames, i know i wont use them if i build other bikes so it would be a waste, doh


    if i want more than 2 bikes but want to save money.
    is it worth having 3 or 4 frames but only having 2 wheelsets and forks

    keep the rest of the bike setup with everything else.
    keep the wheel on the front fork and its probably 10 mins to just change the wheels over.
    you can only ride one at a time anyway
    say forks are £300 and wheelset £200 thats like a free frame.
    AND it saves room.

    it sounds a good idea to me!


    I have ended up with that kind of set up. A yeti 575 frame with fox forks and an inbred with rigid forks. It works for me, but I don’t swap more than once or twice a year…

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    PITA – you won’t bother IME

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Think 2 wheelsets would work, assuming no axle compatibility issues. No problems there. 2 forks though? As said, that’s not a goer.

    It’s unlikely you would want to ride all 4 bikes equally. So maybe one forkless frame would be reasonable. Ride it once in a while and stick the fork in as required. It sort of suggests that the bike would need to be quite similar to its fork companion, though, if they’re sharing this critical component. So the motivation to swap out and ride it may not be there.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    I do something a bit similar.

    I have a 456 that I either run with 140mm vanilla and 26″ wheel or as a rigid 69r.

    I would be springy in the summer rigid rest of year for lower maintenance and to add some edge to the south s tamer trails at winter speeds. About 30 minutes to do the swap including a swap of the brake caliper. Another brake would speed it up but my spare is too variable in working or not.

    In brief I think I am saying it’s ok if you doo it one in a while or just like tinkering with bikes (that will be me)

    Make sure you have a mess free head set that you can get spare crown races for.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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