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  • shifter

    Suzi was my first obsession

    Tina Tailpipe for me… 😳

    b r

    We’re they really all that bad though? Alot of people seemed more than happy to bomb around using bikes with the more traditional saddle seat position.

    It takes a long time to change perceptions, tubeless for example; even on m/c’s took a long while, and apparently some MTBers still use tubes 😯

    druidh – I’ve ridden a Quaser, along with many other of the FF’s – there is a nack to it, especially at low speeds (and filtering in traffic where a standard riding position is unbeatable) and visability (unable to see over cars) in urban conditions. But on open roads they are amazing, plus no wind at high speeds. They are also very safe, Paul Blez on the FF site hit an upturned car in one and was unhurt, Malcolm I remember rode one onto a ditch to show their strength.


    Went to the local shops today and nipped into one of the antique shops. Picked this up…original Griffin Clubman from the 70s.

    Prices on eBay are ranging between £200 and £500. To keep or to sell 😆

    Keep for your bmw and get it sprayed black? 😆 Enough of these hideous ff bikes and those plastic things with giant pleasure toys sticking out of the front. Back to cafe’s trackers and bobbers. 😆

    2013 Guzzi v7

    Um2 shortened BMW R80’s built by Untitled Motorcycles based just down the road from where I used to live in Kentish Town. They build them to order, the scrambler with the raw tank is for sale.

    Yammy xs650 by wrenchmonkees

    Love this cb 750!

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    I’ll probably get lynched for this, but I do have a soft spot for these:


    Couple of nice Series 2’s:

    Vespa PX based custom:

    Stunner of a Vespa Smallframe:

    Or, if you’d like to keep the unreliability of a stock Lambretta, but with a bit more pep:



    See, now you’ve gone and spoiled EVERYTHING.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    It’s not 1963 anymore you know. 🙂
    You are allowed to like both.

    I do remember being threatened at a bike rally back in the 80’s when I happened to mention my perversion. 😀

    I was a member of Oldham and District MC when I was a youngster (used to meet at the Plough in Werneth).
    We had a few ‘odd’ members; a Harley rider and a couple of trike owners, but I was the only one who occaisionally admitted to a bit of small wheel action.


    lets try to at least try to stay on topic (ish)

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Looks like someone has put a Beemer engine in a jones up there on the right.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    Sorry for resurrecting this old thread up, but ever since it was posted, I can’t seem to stop wanting one of these. I had set my heart on a MK1 Escort or Caterham as a mid life/50 years old/mortgage finished pressie, but these just look great. (and the MK Escorts are silly money 🙁 )

    Last bike I had was 30 years ago and that was only one of these

    Having keep popping back to this thread and looking at some of the bike on wrenchmonkees website, I really think one of these CX500 is on the cards. These looks just superb

    Anybody else on STW built a cafe racer or contemplating it?

    and how do you go about insuring them?

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