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  • Is there much Mtb riding close to Oxford
  • towzer

    Get OS 165 I think it is
    Lots on both sides of A34 to the S
    Look at Wallingford, Wantage, ridgeway etc etc
    You could probably work your way back from Reading station


    I’ll be working at Cowley substation Oxford for two weeks as of Monday and was thinking of taking my mountain bike , so was wondering if there was much in the way of bridle ways or other bits of interest to ride or would my running shoes be of more use .
    Also is there a good shop there that could be of help ?????


    sorry bloody timeout

    OS 50000 164
    lots of stuff S of Wantage/Harwell/Lambourn down to N of M4, S of Didcot, E/S of Wallingford

    Reading NW to Goring on Thames is nice – Thames fpath to Wallingford has a lot of stily things. Could go W uptowards Ridgeway then N to Didcot

    Can do Abingdon S on Thames to Shillingford Bridge, Wittenham Clumps, Long Wittenham, road SW to Level Crossing LC, Sutton Courtney, marked cycle track Abingdon.

    Have you got transport? There’s plenty within a short drive, not too sure about immediately locally.

    There’s plenty of good bike shops in Oxford – just because I know some of the guys, head to Beeline on Cowley Road and ask for Ben.

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    I’m up around north-west Oxford,recently went and bought a cyclocross bike to add some degree of challenge – sound east and the Chiltons there is some though if you know where to look! +1 for speaking to the guys in beeline!

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