Is there a more pointless car than the BMW X6?

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  • Is there a more pointless car than the BMW X6?
  • trail_rat

    Quite like the x6 – far nicer to look at.than x5 or x3 which look like krytens head

    Nissan duke is pointless car of the year for me !


    Its a car why is it Pointless ?
    Thinks the thread is a little pointless


    Most 4x4s are pointless in that they offer nothing over a regular car to their owners.

    The X6 takes this to an extreme and I think it looks great! I’ll never own one tho.

    Designers need to keep their jobs.
    So…first design a car good enough for the big bosses to agree its good enough to go into production.
    Once in production and selling well the designers have a vested interest to update the car…a tall order as it pretty much hit the button the first time.
    How many cars start off fantastic and end-up 5hit should be the question.
    The Mini (new one) is a good example. The Americans are true masters at it.


    Loving this post, probably better titled ‘I think X6s are ugly, who agrees?’
    If there was no individual car designs then we’d all be driving the same box day in day out? Some people like some designs others like different ones. (why by an RR Sport when the Disco sits on the same chassis, is cheaper and more practical?)

    Yes I bike, Yes I like to drive & I don’t feel the need for re-assurance.
    I own an X6 have just sold my Audi (R8) and enjoyed both cars, the X6 handling seems to defy the laws of physics, performs very well yet is pretty ecomnomical and very nice to drive.
    I also liked Z3M coupe’s too

    I’ll get my coat and leave now.. 😀


    3 month thread resurrection from a first time poster?



    Nothing odd,have lurked here before but never bothered to join. Was doing a google on X6 funnily enough and this thread popped up.
    By the time I read the whole thing I felt compelled to post for some reason??

    Hello btw!


    If the lottery coughed up tomorrow, the first thing I’d be doing is going into the nearest Audi dealer and buying an Audi A5 3.0 TDI Quattro S-Line. I like coupés, I hardly ever carry passengers, in fact a week ago I carried four people in my Octavia for only the second time in the five years I’ve owned it. I think current Audis are some of the cleanest, stylish cars around, although some of the mass-market manufacturers are coming out with really good designs; Citröen’s DS3, 4 and 5, Vauxhall’s new Astra GCS, and Insignia, even Renault are producing really stylish cars. BMW, on the other hand, just don’t seem to know how to design a car that flows, that 5 Series with the picnic tray for a boot-lid is horrendous, and as for Minis, well… 🙄


    x6 – big ass motor for someone trying too hard/sad bastard.

Viewing 9 posts - 161 through 169 (of 169 total)

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