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  • Is online route planning
  • Premier Icon charliemort
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    Does this always plot routes in straight lines rather than follow actual route of bridleways etc.? It seems to to me

    Premier Icon thegeneralist
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    No. The OS App has an option to follow rights of way within national parks. It occasionally misses a connection node but I think it’s brilliant.

    ( Had previously used Viewranger and another on the past )

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    What app are you using to plan online? I use Strava and its pretty good at showing paths and off road routes. There’s a manual function too so you can plot your own path if you know its there.

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    I generally use which follows paths, etc. Plotaroute has the option to turn following off if required.

    Premier Icon charliemort
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    Sorry – title should be OS (Ordnance Survey) route planning……

    @ the generalist – so OS only follows rights of way in National Parks?


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    I think the new OS maps web version isn’t restricted to national parks and is probably quite good if plotting from scratch, but I’ve found it sub-optimal when importing routes to edit.

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