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  • tomzo

    Agreed, pretty sure alot of people knew/could find out by googling it.

    The speculation added to the character of the stig, and I don’t see why the journo’s always have to ruin it.

    Guess they gotta fill a word count up somehow.


    It’ll be one of the “smaller” journos that wasnt in on the secret, felt left out and decided to go find out properly.


    bollocks, he may be a Stig, but there are many Stigs and he’s often a driver sent by the car manufacturer to drive their own car round the track

    that’s an !A1 FACT!

    if it’s so sacred why are you spilling the beans ?


    Why would they insist on their own driver – they hand the cars over to the presenters anyway, and they’d struggle to send a driver with the same proportions for each car.


    I’m with bakes on this one. I’m pretty sure that the main reason his ‘identity’ has been kept secret for so long, is because he is in fact not one person, but several, over the last few years. They’ve used several different racing drivers, and just dress them up the same. Cheaper than hiring one, who then gains celebrity status, and starts wanting more and more money. Plus, with motor racing being quite dangerous, having several Stigs would be good insurance if one gets crushed or mashed. They can just substitute another. Likewise, if one’s off having a baby or something.

    This bloke is probably just the current Stig.


    <stands before you, lip quivering>

    Next you will say, “There is no Tooth Fairy!”

    <runs away, and hides in corner, crying.>

    Premier Icon nickc

    Does it matter?


    I’d never heard of him anyway, Collins that is not the Stig 🙂


    It’s been pretty much common knowledge for years that Ben Collins was the main Stig but there have been a number of other Stigs. Especially when the likes of the F1 cars are taken for a lap.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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