is No Deal inevitable?

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  • is No Deal inevitable?
  • mattyfez

    Haven’t the EU stated that “no deal” means absolutely no transition – we immediately crash-

    out and start trading on 3rd country / WTO terms which would be catastrophic for areas like farming and many industries. There’s already a majority in parliament against “no deal” and it would be the point that only the real head-banger Euro-sceptics would vote for it.


    The UK was in ‘check mate’ as soon as a50 was actioned with no UK consensus.

    The fact that that’s been ignored by both the Conservatives and Labour ever since, is of no consequence.


    The trouble is, there isn’t time to enact legislation against the governments wishes to stop “no deal” It now needs the government to cooperate in asking for a lengthy extension. With May rumoured to bring her deal back to the house again, she is playing chicken with her deal against no deal.


    Hence i think it will come down to a crunch commons vote, no deal V’s. Retract article 50, at the 11th hour.

    And we already know there’s no appetite for ‘no deal’.




    We just need to watch the clock run down now. So nothing new there.

Viewing 3 posts - 81 through 83 (of 83 total)

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