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  • Is Mary Berry in fact Satan?
  • Nicko – butter on a jam sarnie?

    That’s filthy.

    Just jam and air is sufficient.

    Jesus tonight.

    I can see why there are so many biffers on STW


    Never mind scones, the real debate in Cornwall is top crimp versus side crimp. (but fwiw, cream, jam and then a bit more cream. If your chosen cream tea caterer does not provide sufficient cream for this then don’t go there again as they are pennypinching scumbags!)

    This is the real Satan.

    Satan by jimmyg352, on Flickr

    Dunno how he takes his jam though.


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    Milk in tea yeuch bloody heathens, tea should be taken black like it is in all the places it’s grown in the world.

    Which you obviously haven’t visited, because many of them do take milk with their tea. 😛

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    margarine only

    Marga **** rine?! You wot?!

    You should be having Welsh butter as it is vastly superior to anything.

    Anyway.. for the adventurous, try golden syrup on scones with buter and cream. It’s very nice.

    Tea in India is traditionally made by boiling milk with tea leaves, sugar and spices in it. So that just goes to show that you can have it how you bloody well like, you bunch of snobs.


    Has nought to do with taste and never has. That said, I’m a milk in after man, only because – as pointed out above – the strength of the tea dictates the amount of milk required.

    Milk in first, that way the amount of time the teabag is in the mug dictates the strength. And absolutely no mashing the bag against the side of the mug! We have spoons at work that look like Uri Geller’s been is sing around in the kitchen!
    And if anyone imagines that using a pot to make tea at work is an option, they’re obviously an office drone with far too much free time on their hands.

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    Milk first dates back to the days when tea was often taken in cups made of very fine bone china (well by the upper classes anyway). The heat of the freshly boiled tea was sometimes sufficient to cause the cups to crack. So some bright spark came up with the idea of putting the milk in first in order to cool the tea, thereby reducing the risk of crackage and tea pouring all over Miss Havisham’s new dress

    It was just the poorly(uk) made stuff that cracked, if you had the proper stuff you put the milk in last to show you had the expensive chinese made crockery

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