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  • Is Marmalade only for old people?
  • Premier Icon Nick

    with SALTED butter, preferably from the channel islands

    Premier Icon onewheelgood

    A tragedy! This is no longer listed in the Products section on Frank Cooper’s website.


    Well this thread escalated.


    Marmalade is awesome. Fact.
    I’ve eaten it all my life and I always will.
    The thing is, though, it doesn’t matter how posh yer shop bought ‘lade is, homemade ‘lade beats it into a cocked hat, especially if you like it thick cut.
    Mrs PP makes ours. Sometimes it’s traditional Seville orange but recently we’ve been using a recipe we got from a Kiwi lady who ran a B+B in Barmouth (seriously) for lemon lime and grapefruit marmalade. It’s sooooo tangy it’s unreal.
    And if there’s homemade bread too, I’m unable to think of a higher luxury on this planet.
    As for timing, I’ll eat toast and marmalade any time of day.

    Premier Icon DezB

    My best marmalade story was making toast in the morning for some friends, I asked if anyone wanted Marmalade – mate’s wife said, from the other room, “Yes please, not bits though” – for some reason I heard her say “loads of bits” and proceeded to dig out all the big lumps of peel and lather her toast with them!
    She ate it out of politeness without saying anything! She’s not a “polite” person! We still laugh about it to this day.
    Marmalade eh? 😆


    Homemade rasp jam trumps oldies marmalade any day, every morning on a bagel or scone with coffee cant be beat. Think of your carbon footprint oranges from seville when you spread it on whereas best rasps here in East of Scotland slowly matured

    Premier Icon Cougar

    All you home-made marmaladers, I’d love to see some recipes.

    I home-made lemon & lime curd a couple of weeks back, that came out well.


    Cougar, I was inspired to have a go by this Nigel Slater recipe, but I also read a few others (below) to clarify the methodology. I tried my first batch this morning and it seemed good to me.

    Note that the Seville orange season is short, so if you are going to have a go now, rather than wait a year, you need to get a move on. There were still Seville oranges in my local Waitrose yesterday, but I don’t know for how much longer.

    Love it with real butter on weetabix! Deliciously crumbly!


    That Frank Coopers us meh IMO.
    Like most things the French to it best. Occasionally homemade may challage that.

    Kids not liking it also means theres usually some in the jar.


    So from this we can deduce that it’s not marmalade, but thick cut that is for old people.

    Premier Icon mikeys

    Just had a marmalade butty and then saw this thread. I don’t think it’s ever too late in the day for one although it didn’t go too well with a glass of red wine to be honest. It was thick cut so maybe I am old though.

    So from this we can deduce that it’s not marmalade, but thick cut that is for old people.

    Nope. I am a youthful 36…


    One of the few ways I eat anything orange based.
    MiL is welcomed in when she brings marmalade, which oddly she makes loads of when hardly anyone in her family likes it.

    Marmalade on fresh bread or buttered toast until the bread or the marmalade runs out.

    I’ll be eating it when I’m old, but got a lot more to eat before I get there.


    This is our favourite, with slices of orange, but I haven’t seen it for ages. Even Froggy supermarkets don’t seem to sell it any more.


    ..and I’m old and do like thick(ish) cut, just not the stuff thats ostentatiously so.

    edit: the brand above is top notch.

    Premier Icon neil the wheel

    I really want to see a change in the law so that filth that defiles the name of Marmalade cannot be sold as such. Marmalade has two ingredients: sugar and oranges in roughly equal proportions. A little water is permissible. “Glucose/fructose syrup”? Go and boil yourself in it. “Total fruit content 20%”? Legal minimum. If it was permitted to reduce that to 10% somebody would.

    with SALTED butter…

    This is VERY important. Unsalted butter does not work with marmalade due to the clashing sourness – it isn’t the lack of salt that’s the problem, it’s the completely different production method.

    Premier Icon Ming the Merciless

    My Nan’s marmalade was the best.


    Ming the Merciless – Member

    My Nan’s marmalade was the best.

    Must have been on a par with my Grandfather’s marmalade, which was also the best. 🙂

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Duerr’s Manchester marmalade is lovely.


    It’s wet and windy outside so I’m having one last marmalade-making session, which should see us through the year. For Cougar’s benefit, here’s my recipe:
    3lbs Seville oranges (approx 12)
    2 lemons
    2 limes (optional)
    6 pints of water
    4.5lbs of preserving sugar
    Spoon of black treacle
    Some dark rum

    Wash fruit and cook whole in a large pan of water until soft (approx 1.5hrs). Remove fruit from water, halve it all, scrape out flesh and pips and return to pan with the liquid. Slice the Sevilles’ skins thinly (to taste) while pulp, pips and juice returns to the boil. Let it reduce by half then strain the liquid and return to pan. Add the chopped peel and bring to boil. Stir in the sugar and bring it up to 105C. Just before it reaches this point I chuck in half a glass of rum and the dark treacle. Once it hits 105C remove from heat and begin decanting into sterilised jam jars (carefully). Easy!

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